Fair profit for a more social society.

The current society is based upon numbers. The economic value of the people and companies seems to be the most important component that politicians and shareholders are value-ing.

The labour that is being done should be as efficient and as cheap as possible. The companies are producing and delivering products as cheap as possible against the biggest possible margin.  Sorry , I should say profit.  If that profit is unreasanable high it seems not to be problem. In their own circles it is even considered something to be proud of.  For people who are socially moved it is enough just to have a fair profit.  They consider it as a “crime” to ask for way more than their added value.

On the other side it also the case if value is added it should be rewarded on a fair basis. So the persons who really made the product should benefit from his work. The manager , the director , the company should get something as well but on a fair basis.

Other point is that the companies are also creating products based upon the philosophy of making profit.  Not really if it makes the life of people more worth while or convenient.

Also the unfair profits only create the so called “bubbles”. Like the internet “bubble” , the house-market “bubble” , stock-market “bubble” and so on ….

All these “bubbles” can be considered as quicksand for our individual savings , pensions and our houses. Because banks and pension funds did put the by us saved money in these “bubble” markets we are sponsoring those who are greedy and looking for cashing high unfair profits.


Agreeing on a fair profit whould be a great step for a more social society.

Condemming cashing non added value should  be considered as well.  This could be done for example by creating a black-list.

Writing it down I realize that we should which such a list. To be continued…







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