Basic Income

Looking at the world it seems that all the companies in the world are trying to maximize their profits. One way of achieving is to do the same work but with less people.

If they are doing this in a smart way , like f.e. with automization , it not so that employees need to work harder to get things done.

But if that is the case the productivity  of these employees will suffer on the (mid) long term. There is a limit on workload and stress that people can handle. If you go beyond that the mind and body will say stop and regaining your health will take time.

If however companies are doing it in a smart like with automization there is another perspective I would like to mention.  Because automization is in principle nothing else than that we are trying to let (all) the work being done by machines. They do the work and we get the free time to play and do what we like.

This might be an utopia for a lot of people but it should be a goal for the world.

But in order to arrange this the profits that are made should be re-aligned.

Re-aligned to all the people that are playing because machines do their work.

The way to do this would a Basic Income for everyone and without any condition.

Without any condition? Yes.

But than nobody does anything anymore? No , people always want to do something. But now they have the choice and that makes a world of difference.

Than can go out work to earn extra money to buy a boat or a second house. But they can also make the choice to do a study. Take the role of caregiver for a relative. You name it.

There is one distinctive difference with the current situation. It is the choice of the people and not of the companies or the capital. It will change the world from driven by economics and the companies behind it into world where the people make the choices and the rest has to follow.

If f.e. companies are creating products wich are not in line with what the people want or are correct they will hardly get a chance to exist.

( to be continued )



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