Looking away.

The easiest way to handle problems is to look away. If they can continue with what they where doing without any “damage” most people go for that option. Other consideration is. Is it mine or someone else’s. Easy way and often used is someone else. Someone else is mostly the police , the army , organizations , the companies or the politicians

In almost all cases the last one can solve the problems. But in order to do that they need to be really committed and really solve the problem. Problem with politicians is that they do look at the problems. But mainly those problems that interesting  to them are the ones that are influencing the polls and votes. The remainder is not that important. They have to do it but a good focus to do it right is not their real objective. They leave it up to the civil servants. Who mostly gets an instruction to do it it in a way that is decided by political parties in a compromise. A compromize without a head and/or tail and is mostly an unsuited solution for the problem.

Problems are also brought by the news. On television , in the newspapers , on internet and even in social media. Not that they are being solved here but it is one of the biggest triggers for people to become aware of it. Question might be if all the problems are reflected here. Is there a censorship? It is mentioned once and without solving it fading to the background and not mentioned anymore. Leaving people think it has been solved. Information fatigueness is also something that comes around. If a problem is not solved within a certain time you can mention the problem but people do care less and not pay attention to it as it should be.

The passionate dedication in order to solve the problems is hard but if everybody but keeps persisting , specially when problem re-occur , changes will be made.

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