The way.

The way to a social and human world. It is an idea that I have allready for a while in my head. What is needed to adress all the fears , agression , greed and all the negatives that people are facing. This even in a world that has never been richer. Looking at money in that perspective. Where do we need to make changes. Is it something we can do all at once. Maybe but unlikely in practice I think.

All kinds of thoughts and questions inside my head. So time to share and discuss it with several people. This is something people really should do. Talk with friends or whomever and see what moves them when you share your point of view in life. So lots of feedback but my vision was received poistive and coherent.

So this is my vision to make that movement to a social and human world. It is a plan that consists of 3 steps.


1. Education , philosophy and debat should be given at every school where student can learn , think and debat on the issues that concern people. What is important and where should be heading as a human society.

2. Fairprofit , why are there huge profits when there is no added value. Did everybody get their fair share? What was the global footprint?

3. Basic Income , for everyone. Besides it human. This will not only wipe out poverty but will also have an effect on stress and healthcare. People can based upon the certainty that their main needs are covered do what they really would like to do. That will have a very big positive impact on the society.

These 3 steps can be implemented step by step. This plan will also be a vision that is a living vision as it is part the education of step.1. There are a lot of things that need attention but globally this is my vision and plan.



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