Last week we had in Holland elections for the gemeente. Its a dutch word which can be translated in townships. A moment to vote for the local person from a political party who should be guarding and handling your interests.

Strangely the national parties where doing mostly the campaign. Awkward because I can not vote on them. Also I was thinking are the local people not doing stuff on their own authority. Apparantly not.

Also I was mostly hearing all kinds of oneliners. No complete context or vision which we should go for. Just handling problems and thats it. That is not politics! Its just management. Nothing more.

Can imagine that people are not listening anymore. Not voting anymore. You can see it also  because only 55% of the people who could vote did do it. 45% did not vote. That is almost a majority.

To my surprise the politician and their parties where celebrating their victories if they did win one or more “zetels” in a place. I would be more modest. Because only a little more that half of the people did vote. There is a hardly a mandate to consider yourselve  as the one who can really represent the people.

At the moment democracy is loosing and they are not even unhappy about. They are just continuing without any self reflection. This is not a real democracy. They are keeping up the appearance. Its high time for a real chance.

A famous tennis player once said: you can not be serious.

But I can now and have to say: I am dead serious.




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