Donations , the making of.

Just added some details in the sidebar in order for you to make a donation if you like this site , our foundation and the perspectives that we have on this world.
It would be nice that we can continue our effort in making this world a better place.

There is only the information of our bank account number and you have to make a small effort to transmit us your donation. There is no fancy pop-up button. No choices in kinds of payments like paypall , ideal and whatever. No quick way so that your finger is faster than your mind. It really takes time and you have the time to think it over.

Is this a good choice? I do think so. There is nothing more harm full than spending money on the wrong things. It should be spend on things that are worthwhile and could really make a difference.
Also if money is being spend it should be spend on the real thing.

Let me make this a little bit clear with a small example. If you would like to give a street artist an euro. You can throw it in his box.

But if you use an electronic button he only gets something like 75 cents. The rest is going to the company who provides that button. Every time and all the time. That is a nice business. This goes for all donations in that way.

What is their really added value. I do not think that it is that much. In my opinion its like a legal robbery in small amounts. Again and again.
This is the reason why we are not using something like this.

Maybe a nice consideration for all the other ngo’s.

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