Much ado about nothing.

Last week the government was in the middle of Prinsjesdag. On that day the King of Holland performed the Troonrede. After that the Minister of Finance presented his Koffertje with the Miljoenen Nota and Rijksbegroting. In the day’s after there was the possibility to talk and discuss about those two by the members/politicians of the Tweede Kamer (/Second Chamber).

The political party leaders could give their opinion and comments on that. Debate , bring in motions and that kind of stuff. Needless to say that everything was already decided in the several political backrooms that are in The Hague. The government has the majority so the only thing they need to do is bring a nice good story that the voters will believe and not run away later. The opposition is trying to show that things are not good. Showing the people that they are fighting for them. And in a lot of cases it is not good indeed. But the real power is provided by the people at the point of elections.

So this is a game of make believe that they are pulling of. We show some nice things for the coming year. As we did last year. The fact that that did not happen we will keep quiet. It works every time for the people. Show them a nice fantasy and they will forget that the one from last year was a lie as well.

In the discussion however there was somebody , Thierry Baudet , new. Not a the politician party who has my support. But on one point he is very right. The political system in Holland is a kartel. He was disrespectfully laughed at and riduculed by almost all the politicians.

The politicalsystem is not open. They give each others jobs. They are only loyal to their party. Do they represent the people. They say so. But if I ask them: Can I sit there for a while?? They will say: Wowww , that is something which you can not handle. Just give me your vote. All will be fine. My answer will be: But you don’t know my context. What I will feel. How I think. I have a voice. Should I give you a signature on a contract that has not been written yet. Do you think I am stupid. Just because you guys arranged it so this is the only way? Don’t think so.

So if a politician dares to say that our current system is the highest form of Democracy I would tell him. Not , not by far.

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