Junglebook , or how social media goes wild.

The social media is going wild. You can think of Thierry Baudet in Holland. But also Donald Trump who is swinging from tweet to tweet. Twitter is one of the many media. Facebook , Instagram , Whatsapp and more. Its all on the eye of the beholder. Just click on the eye below and you will get the info as is stated on Wikipedia.

The eye is mostly full of it. But the world as well. So much information. About everything you can think of. And by everybody. But in use also about everyone. In silence your data is analyzed and used. Meanwhile the rest is almost shouting their opinion. In the beginning you could look at it as a free and social medium. But at the moment you are being harassed by stakeholders , using your data profile , with products and messages  in which they are interested. The journalism also looses its freedom. Without adds , preferably aimed , they have a difficult business model. Politics does not bring only their story to everyone but is seeking for their target via micro profiling in the social media. Banners of companies are shooting at your screen. If it is all true is not really relevant. Its all about product placement. People are getting more urban. The world in which we live is full with social media. The social media is getting more and more intense. Also less reliable and less true. The many faces in the book of social media are not really good visible anymore. To me it looks like a big jungle. A Junglebook so to say.

It is an art for everyone of us to make a honest and clear picture of the world we live in. To avoid living in the madness of the day. Brought by the news of the day. Learn to recognize and recognize fake news. Seeing the bullshit in the agenda’s of persons and companies. Being able to see the real important things and in their context. As these things are going slowly you need to find and look specifically for that information. There are a number of media that are trying to do a good job. I name the following: De Correspondent (website) , Follow The Money (website) , Cafe Weltschmerz (YouTube). Or read critical books. For example De Groene Illusie , De Crisis Karavaan , Verloren In Wanorde , Bullshit Jobs , Ongeloofwaardig or Feitenkennis. VPRO Tegenlicht is also interesting. There they are going into depth of things and place it in the context. But even than you should keep the following in mind:

You may make a guess who made this statement. He was somebody who did take time and a calm mind to think about things. Not reacting on impulse. Or a primitive reflex. But calmly thinking and according certain values. Let the stress and chaos for what is and be yourself. Your real self.

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