The table model , the new dutch way of compromise.

It is again almost time to take your seat at the Christmas table. A time to enjoy the many pleasures that we believe to be attached to Christmas. The house can be beautifully decorated. The lights may shine abundantly. The groceries need to be in on time. Before you know the turkey , tournedos , steak and more are sold out. Quickly fetch that exquisite wine at the liquor store. Should I take that cognac as well?

The whole family is welcome to join on the first or second day of Christmas. To enjoy these wonderful days. There have been written articles with advice how to behave and avoid quarrels. Apparently it is handy to stick to a few rules. This to avoid problems. To give an example. You can wear an wrong Christmas sweater. Maybe decorated with lights as well. But if put those lights an a yellow vest and join the table you will have a problem.if you throw the problems of the world on the table. It is not a time for that. It is time to….. .

You have to be dressed appropriate and also behave in that way. I am wondering if the climate tables , that have to finish this week by the Dutch government , do have a good and appropriate occupation.

The motto was to create a big and broad basis for climate measures. I am curious whom from the yellow vests have attended. The multinationals could for sure. Other organizations ,  foundations with entwined interests or not , also.  But the common man , woman or child? No.

Furthermore you are already making compromises but there is no space for half measures. Does politics know that this way of handling will not work. They talk in nice words about their ambitions and promises but it is all make believe. They are the worst boy in class. Its about doing things. Real things only. .

In the current way you are losing time and efficiency. They do not realize that there is no more time. Do as much as you can as fast as you can should be the motto. If something works go full for that. Take the lowest hanging fruits first. Eating less meat is a good start. No meat at all even better.

But wars are not over yet as well. Again the same year done over. When are we finally going to fulfil our real potentials. Going to the barricades. Put on a yellow vest . Put people in first place. Not the economy but us. We all together.

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