Global warming , and what to do.

Indeed and what to do. What are all the things we should really do differently. How is that global warming on this planet created. Who is really the creator of the greenhouse effect? Where should the government put their priorities. The cars? Using warmth from the earth? The aeroplanes? Just have a look at the following movie.

So everything should be much clearer now. That piece of meat on your plate. The glass of milk that you are drinking. That fridge also.

At this moment they put a lot of effort on windmills and solarpanels. But we have to realize that this energy is not uninterrupted. Just like the usage of electricity. It needs to be stored somehow. A good , fast and big network could help. There is at any given moment somewhere wind. But storage is less developed at the moment. There is quite a big challenge there.

One of the things we need to keep in mind is the energy density. The space that is needed to produce the energy. For windmills this is gigantic and solar panels also huge. Fossil fuels are very compact and transportable. Do we fill half of the Netherlands , or even world , with windmills? Yes , because that could be the consequence. We than can also say goodbye to all the birds in that area. Windmills also need a lot of maintenance. More than solar panels. Planes are using less energy and produce less C2 that all data centre’s form Google, Facebook etc.. all together.

There are many things that are not being told. Politicians and people with a certain interest and agenda are that transparent. In their way only. Ed Nijpels , Diederik Samson are politicians and people with their interest but not much more than that. Whose interest? Wit what kind of agenda? Diederik Samson is in origin coming from Greenpeace. Greenpeace who is guarding and trying to safe the climate in their opinion. But they never spoke out against the meat industry. One of the biggest if not the biggest causer of the climate change. Whom can you trust? Who can I believe? Where can I find the right information.

I have a suggestion for that two books.1.) The green Illusion , Why we can not save the climate with a few windmills and solar panels ( In Dutch by the way ). – Maarten Van Andel. 2.) Drawdown , the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to roll back global warming – Paul Hawken.

You could just read these books. Trust is sometimes good but checking is always better. That is something we have to do ourselves. Yes , you as well. Wishing you lots of wisdom.

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