World Economy.

Yes , world economy. Why am I writing this. Well there is a yearly Forum on this subject. The World Economy Forum. This year it was held at Davos and lots of people and organizations are there to talk about the problems in the World. And yes they are there.

But the readers of my website realize this as well and do know my view on these matters. There is a good video published on YouTube in which many issues are discussed. I would like to share that video with you. So here it is.

Many matters are well stated. Taxes for example. Bono may think that he is like Jesus but that would be a lie. Multinationals and shareholders , it are just people with names and addresses by the way , all look like to have a business side only.

Bill Gates does share some money with charity but his fortune has been made by letting other people pay. He has made considerable profits. But did he pay taxes in a fair way? Let me go through the list of head offices in Amsterdam South. Than it is pretty clear.

Banks earn and make their money by creating bubbles. In the real estate market for example. High prices on houses gives them the ability to make money from nothing and getting nice fees from the charged interests.

It also raises the question what should be really taxed. Is that largely labour? Labour what might not exist anymore. At least less than nowadays. Or should it be on profit and fortune.  A fairness principle is crucial here. Will get in more details on this later.

Queen Maxima promotes on behalf of the IMF microcredits as the way to fight poverty. Still their interest rates are going to 30%. Many thanks Queen Maxima. But when you have worked in the world of banking human principles are lost on the horizon and financial gains are in the picture only. A beautiful smile hides the face of a monster.

Labour conditions and wages are also mentioned in the video. They have been transformed by globalizations and profit maximization in such a way that we are living in a new form of modern slavery. The companies are making the demands. The demands are being dictated by their financers. Banks and shareholders. Together they are in a ratrace , they even start to look like one ,  in which all means are allowed. The managers and politicians do try , because of certain motives ,  to give it a kind of human dignity. That it is actually something good. Sorry but this is just a bad fairytale. In correct words a nightmare.

As promised I am getting back on the fairness principle. If you want the strongest shoulders to carry the highest burden we have to think on fortune. If you are striving for a fair economy you have to tax fortune , profits and products in such a way that the ship we are sailing on is going in the right direction. Growth of the economy  , the famous “holy” growth of the Gross National Product , is something you have to let go. It is mostly going at the expense of ecology. That is where we have to make a good choice.

The planet is our home. Not only for us. Good maintenance is crucial. No growth does not mean there is nothing happening in our economy. The point is that we are doing good things. Circular is one of the principles. Using natural reusable raw materials is an other one. Products are also not always physical. Healing , creating happiness , sharing knowledge making people positive are good and beautiful products.

It is not about more but about good.

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