The Jesus Principle

Two years ago I was sitting in the train from St.Petersburg to Moscow. I got into a conversation with two Russian ladies. At that point in time I was already engaged with the movement as reflected on this website. One of the ladies did speak her mind saying that war was coming. Also without a doubt she said the first bomb would fall on Russian soil. The question for her was only when.

Her idea was formed by the closed imaging from Russia and the Russian media. This media also gives in the Western world a complete deformed image of Russia. It seems as if the media has forgotten her task to inform people in an honest , calm and in putting it an perspective.

Media has sold his soul of impartiality and objective criticial way of thinking to the commercial forces of neo-liberal mindset and acting. Audience ratings are key. Therefore also sensation and magnifying bad news. It is also not solely to sell advertisement spaces. It is also about favouring those parties in return who are supporting their business and existence.

It even looks like that they see fake news as real and are throwing it into the world. Information pollution is my thought. Lots of people are unhooking. They , politicians and media , don’t know what people are really thinking anymore. But opinion polls they understand very well and they adjust their tactics. Vision and fortitude are easily being sacrificed. They chameleonize in order to get as much votes as possible. Adjusting their campaign  in a calculating way. Making extra commercials on tv , YouTube , Facebook and other social media. It has significant costs but they do not (yet) have to make known who are really paying for that.

But a vision where we should go to with our world and planet is far away. Their future is only reaching the next elections and not the following generations. They are putting themselves in first place. Not mankind. They talk about it. They also say that they a lot. But that does not mean anything because their mantra is economic growth. But that is always at the expense of ecology.

That story is not being told. Not by the politicians. Not by the media. It looks like a pas de deux.

Will another story even be accepted. By the politicians. By the media. By the people. Do not forget that people and specially large groups of people are being tied and bound by stories. Those do not have to be true. In other words correct.

The bible is also a story. It describes the faith of Jesus and God. But it are not the exact words that he used. On his real thoughts we have more or less to guess. What he really told to the people was his real message. Direct , mutual and you could ask questions. That is what I call the Jesus Principle.

This principle I do favour to spread my thoughts , knowledge and story. Not what the second Russian young lady proposed. To campaign via YouTube movies and on Social Media on a large scale. This website is not more than an internet calling card to make you think. To have a contact if you are looking and can not figure things out. Otherwise as well. If I meet people in the street or somewhere else I  will first start a conversation. If you have an interest I will give you my calling card. No twittering and other superficial media in which you can not put things in the right context. It should be real , personal and complete.

When I said this to the the second Russian young lady her reaction to me was: So the Jesus Principle. Yes I said , the Jesus Principle.

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