Election results in perspective.

The elections in the Netherlands for the members in the states of the provinces has been done. And yes there are winners and losers. Disappointment and euphoria. But the valued votes have been made.

The Forum Of Democracy have won and are almost shouting from joy. The media tries to brighten the sensation. Enlarging it also. Points of view accentuating which causes these results in their favour. A nice game to get and keep audience ratings as high as possible.

But lets go back to the basics for a minute. The foundation is a democracy in which there is an abundant participation. How can we see or measure that in a good way.

As for me the election attendance rating is a good indicator to judge this. Lets have a look at that number. Wow , that number is 56,1%. This means that all parties do have only a small majority compared with all that people who are “finished” with voting. Not really a good grade I would say. Modesty would the right attitude for all politicians.

Let have a look at het so called winners. The Forum Of Democracy scores with a 14.4%. This means that 85.6% did not vote on them. For the other parties this is even worse.

There is a group of 44.9 % for whom it does not really matter. They have no trust or confidence in politics. Thinking my vote is not worthwhile. They do not see a purpose , difference or use. They are avoiding the responsibility of citizenship but are really the biggest party.

Is this something recent. No , the attendancy with these elections are generally rather low. Elections for the Tweede Kamer , so national level , are better. So also more representative. At least more clear.

What should be clear in a democracy is how do you get all the mindsets of the voter represented. And if that is not the case it would be good to think on that. As said modesty would than be appropiate. But reality is rather different. A combination of power and arrogance maybe. 

My thought would be making a citizenship agreement. I will give everybody his freedom , fair rights and more time but also the obligation for a well chosen vote. Preferably in a direct way. As direct as possible.

Sounds fair if you will be provided a Basic Income. But you are free to disagree. Please let me know your thoughts. 

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