Past , present and future.

In the present we can take action. It will result into a future. From the past we can see where earlier action did bring us.

Please take a moment. Or even a little more. What do you see? What do you think about it? Was it good? Was is bad? Where people foolish in their choices? Some people call this reflection. In a busy and hectic world it is maybe difficult to do. But it is essential. This in order to have a world that is in line with what you have in mind or dream of.

Thinking is one the most powerful tools that we as homo sapiens have. But for this we do need to have a clear mind. Know that some stories from the past are just stories. They have a purpose. Unite people in such a way that it can move to a certain direction.

Which stories are being written right now. And if these stories are written are they being passed on by the right and or left side. For example by artificial intelligence and genetics. Technical developments are going that fast it is hard to keep up with by mankind.

What is the vision of the politicians. In the past they thought about it. But due to a free market in a big world there is not really control by them anymore. They are just trying to manage things the best way they can. But in the future they could and probably will be surpassed by algorithms.

Computers with algorithms , like Watson from IBM , will have more benefits than a normal doctor or politician or you name it. Artificial Intelligence might surpass us. Integrate in people’s life in all kind of ways.

It might create a huge amount of “useless” people. Which current politician or political party has a vision on that. If so it is a global development so are we even able to control it.  The time do it is now. We can not get by with politics without a vision and without a clear eye on future possibilities.

Focusing and solving only the day to day problems and issues only means that the past did not do what it needed to do. Have a vision or a dream and act accordingly. Being silent on this means that you prefer to sleep and do not mind what your eyes might see when they open. It is a choice. But is not yours. Can you complain? Yes. Do you have a right to do so? Not really.

You have to relax and think for yourself what you want and what is the best way to react. A wise vote. Public disobedience. On the barricades. There are more possibilities than you think.

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