Tell me it is not so. Tell me it is not true.

Sometimes you read a book that smashes some of your illusions. Like a kind of thief it steels the veil and shows you who the real villains are. Truths are being  back to the underworld of lies. But if you really want to say something in the discussion about immigration a Must Read. Including Geert , Thierry , Mark , Klaas and other immigration populists.

The title of that book is Nobody Wants Them , in Dutch Niemand Wil Ze Hebben , written by Linda Polman. It is about Europe and its refugees.

It is difficult to put thing in the right perspective. But I will try to point out a few matters that where clearly prominent. And also indicate where we should change things.

The reception of asylum seekers is not from recent times. Human values are not that important as they let us believe. The UNHCR is a begger from the UN. Just like many NGO’s. The UN always makes less means available  that is needed. The UN countries can also claim their own specific demands. Governments and politicians ignore in their battle against immigrants the human rights and therefore they are accessory to violating the human rights and tortures with death as consequence. Human values are being raped to serve political interests. Justice is needed here.

Heavy , depressing , tears shedding , sad , sick making , unbelievable  and more of the catastrophic words. They are all applicable. Inhumane is a word I do not dare to use because inhumane seems to be a normal human act. But is a heavy failure. It is also far from humankind. There is no kindness at all. Even animals don’t make such a mess in their kingdom.

The role of the NGO’s is not completely clear to me. Specifically the NGO’s have a certain aim and direction. They try via donations from individuals , companies and governments to realize their goals. But in the manner they are doing that and how they are being used has disadvantages.

On NGO’s and how they are aiding I wrote an article earlier. Not efficient  and no structured vision in short words. They are trying to be a global organization. That is better than the trend in the political parties in the many nation states. They do not see , or don’t wont to see , that the multinationals and that the big money already operate globally for a lonfg time. So you can not locally regulate and control that.

An united Europe or better an united world could do this better. The UN is the organization that should be playing that role. There is a lot of good will but the structure and the support from UN countries , or the lack of it , makes it that they are not able to really improve the world.

It seems like if the different UN countries , just like many people , have an ego. That ego is namely a big obstacle. Just as if the Alpha leader can arrange everything based upon power. If you look back in history with a good eye you will see that it does not work that way. Cross over that perception. If you want to cherish wealth than either you share it or defend your borders and be prepared to put people in camps and or kill them. The defending choice is popular right now. People are voting on the right side and populistic. They ease their conscious by giving a donation to a good cause or charity.

So you see that hypocrisy and ego are good friends. But not to mankind and the world.

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