A new beginning and (european) elections.

There are again elections. European elections. Elections mostly take place in a democracy. But what a democracy really consists of is not clear to most people. How the current democracy is working is also not clear. Is it really democratic?

In headlines there are two essential forces within a democracy. A representing and social/society force. They are both necessary and should be in balance.

The representing democracy is elected by citizens and the representatives are representing the people. They should by making and doing politics create a better city , township , province , country , Europe or world.

The societal democracy is being made by the citizens if it going correctly. At this moment that is not the case. Citizens should follow society in a critical way. Speak up. Organize themselves. Go into discussion with representatives. In a healthy democracy the political representatives are giving space for this. In time and possibilities. Adapting their opinion and policy when in an open and fair debate things are becoming clear.

The Yellow Vest can be considered as a wake up call for the critical sound. But the representing democracy has transformed itself into a party system with problem solving directors. There is a lack on openness , transparency and direct participation. They have already excluded the experts from the game. Although they are really necessary to come up with real and working solutions that need to be implemented.

It is time for the representing democracy to go back where they belong. Making politics , develop a vision and go into dialogue with the society and the world. Be transparant and honest. Removing the party system is an idea. The Eerste Kamer replacing by a citizens councel also. The Raad Van State could be restored into a new glory. Leaving the managing to adequate and good directors. Ministers not selected out of politicians but leave it to real experts.

Getting back to the title. A new beginning. This points to challenging things. Dearing to make changes. Listen to everybody and go into debate. And this again and again. Constantly giving a chance on a new beginning. Without it democracy will turn into an empty sleeve. A place where freedom is an illusion. If that happens there is still a right , the right of civil disobedience , by which we can demonstrate. Strike so things can be (temporarily) shut down. Even a revolution can be established. History teaches us that it is sometimes necessary.  Let we come it that far ?

We have to renew. Looking of where we would like to go. Our ideals. How can we really make the world better. This is what I miss in the current politics. Also in the European elections. They talk about issues but forget to put the facts underneath on the table. Also the structure to make actually the influence to change matter has not been made clear. Afraid for their power and positions probably. You loose your authority in that way.

The European Union is namely not so democratic. And also not transparant. The European Council is the only one who can introduce new Law. The Parlement , who has been elected now, can only say yes or no or ask for an amendment. The European Councel , consisting of the the prime ministers or minister of department from the countries , can go around the parlement. For instance look at the Turkey and Libia deal with regards to refugees. Not a nice example for democracy but arranged deals leading to violation of human rights , torture and death. In a just state with rule of law this would be condemned and punished. A court of law would have called this order but inside Europe that has not happened yet. Judicial institutions are being “kaltgestelt”? Inside the Council there is for all  participating states a veto right. A majority can therefore be block by a minority. Before we unite Europe any further there needs to be made many changes

Till that time we and the states need to be independent in such a way that we can easily disengage or engage the union and speak out. A no because we can not live with that.  And yes we are going to debate on that. That is something that always should be done. In the city , the Provence , the country , Europe and the United Nations. Amor Mundi is still my mindset.

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