Modern slavery , or how the mantra of work and work are making the rich richer.

Work and work is a mantra which you can hear echoing in almost in whole society. But why really? That is a really interesting question. Is it really necessary? For whom are we doing it? Wat happens with the work?

I will try to give an answer on this. At least put it in perspective. Subsequently you can think about it and maybe you will see where we actually did arrive.

Work is doing tasks for somebody , a person or a company , who gets something in return. A product which he can use or selling it through to somebody else. In the last case , selling to somebody else , he will make a profit. If he does it a little bit smart he (almost) does not have to work himselve.

The last people think often that they are the smartest. They try to let other people do all the work and give them the illusion that they are important. That they are creating jobs. That they are making products which are people making or giving a better life. A nice thought but mostly an illusion.

Products are via Marketing promoted as necessary. The work that is needed is being done in countries with the lowest wages in the cheapest countries. Quality is less because promotion of the product and label is key. You can only spend the money once so promoting the label is the best choice. Production is not being produced in self owned production facilities but outsourced to contractors at the lowest pricing. The making of profit , as high as possible , is the only thing that counts.

It are companies , actually merchants , and they parasitize on others. Their slaves. And those are many. The consumer via marketing. The politicians who let the people believe in the neo liberal fairytale. The countries who , incorrectly , assume that something will flow through to the regional economy. But production always moves to the lowest bidder. So for the worker , also just slaves, at the lowest wages that will occur in this ratrace.

It are the rich who cultivate the new form of slavery and by all means keep it alive. Lobbying is the modern word for subtle en cultivated bribery , blackmail and influencing via (multi) media. People are getting loads of information , true and not true , thrown at their faces. Numbed as they are they are not open anymore for critical thinking and acting. That is at least what the rich are trying to achieve and they are doing it rather well.

To be honest it are their greatest enemy. People who can think freely and critically. People who can realize that if they unite themselves they can achieve that wealth can be redistributed in a fair way. That humans will be put back in the centre again. That consuming for the sake of consuming is an unnecessary addiction. Brought into this world by merchants who are only thinking about making money. From products. From raw materials. From work. From labour. But is it needed. Do we really use it? Does it have to go this way. The modern slavery is an inhuman situation that we should put behind us as soon as possible.

The democracy through parlement does not make a stand. So high time that the democracy from the society , so the people , to put themselves at the forefront. Going to the barricades so to speak. 

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