Ego , our biggest enemy.

A new year so new chances. It can be but every day there are new chances. And not only every day but every moment there are new chances. And not only chances but also choices. Those choices are being made on the basis of what you think.

But what is your thinking really based upon? How do you make your choices. Based upon common sense? How you where raised by your parents? On what you have learned at school? The wisdom projected conscious and or subconscious by social media into your mind? Is the need to have more and more something from your inner self or is it created? Why makes buying something new feel you happy? Why is that feeling so short?

All interesting questions. Could it be that culture makes us that different. There are many differences in the cultures on the world. The Western culture has a high focus on the ego. More egoistic en materialistic than the Eastern culture and many others. It is not out of nothing that the capitalistic system with his materialism came forth from the Western culture.

A book that gives a good and clear view on and how the different cultures came to birth is How The World Thinks from Julian Baggini. A must read.

I am giving in short some of my thoughts. Just to stimulate to create thoughts by your self. Am I right? Am I crazy? If it does not agree with your own logic , your sensible mind , your feelings you do not have to believe me let alone follow me. Always keep a critical mind.

The ego needs appreciation. Also recognition. That is the reason why you are going to distinguish yourself from others. Train harder to be the best in sports. Follow an education that guarantees a good salary. Build a career and show you can drive a big expensive car. Living in a big house. Going on vacation a lot. Wearing nicer , read expensive , clothes than others do. You are going into an addiction of more , more and more expensive. That it is at the cost of something does not matter. Its a kind of an addiction like the use of cocaine. Its very nice and sometimes brings you into euphoria. It gives you an I Am On Top Of The World feeling.

But the feeling does not last. You have to do it again and again. The good feeling leaves and you get drawn into a circle of more and more. There is also an other form of happiness. A kind of happiness that comes from the feeling of belonging to a group. Being with others. Giving and receiving kindness. Listen to other people. Gain knowledge in that way. From there getting understanding resulting in respect. Solving problems with each other for each other. The ego cultivated in the western capitalistic as sublime is here rather a barrier than a blessing. The Eastern way of thinking with the philosophy and culture coming from that is very different. More balanced and brotherhood is there much more prominent.

It should not be a real surprise that with the birth of Jesus Christ the three wise men came from the East. It is high time that the wisdom from the East gets more attention. Who knows we might get finally a human world in which not more money , more power and more succes is the main achievement for people. The ego is something to become and function as an independent and assertive person in society. But it should be in balance with other essential virtues.

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