Reliable politics.

You would expect inside a democracy it is always the case. But it clearly does not look that way. The citizen has to increase its effort to address their problems. Are the politicians really listening?? What is the status of trust between citizen and politics? Is the pasture where we live in taken good care of?

The allowances and their consequences are now in the spotlight of the political debate. How could this happen? What actually happened? How could it be? There could be made a few reports and or books on this subject.

Let me clarify how politics is dealing with it. Two members of parlement , without mentioning their name as everybody will know them ,did show themselves of their champion. They fullfilled their role , as a peoples representative , in perfect wau. If you look at the responsible politicians , the directly managing ones , are handling it I can only be amazed. Their managing inability and the way in which they deal with problems is just shocking.

The secretary of state went through some dust and made promises. The civil servants did hear but their disrespectful actions where in contradiction with it. The broken respect was a reason the secretary of state to quit with job.

For this reason the problem arrive at the desk of the minister. He stated directly that he needed more time to compensate everybody involved. Also he stated that to his knowledge there where no criminal offences made. That is like a butcher judging his own flesh and therefore not credible. There is an independent party being established to have a closer look at this.

This might sound good but there are few independent and objective parties and history did teach us that they hide more traces than bringing light. A criminal investigation , by the judiciary , seems better to me than just a party.

That allowances are very hard to perform and control is a truism. A good expert administrator would have never implemented this allowance system. But a politician has no problem to implement and bring such a system into society.

The culture in the ministry has been brought to the attention of change. It should be more human and social. But at this ministry the value of money is in the centre and that show its true face. Inside the ministry and also the government. The outside shows sometimes something different but the core is only about money and cutting. Nothing else.

Besides with allowance system the government shows its true face also on the social domain. The tasks and performing these have been moved to the parishes. The budget have been lowered because of the fairytale of efficiency that still is being believed in the country of cutting. Lots of parishes are because of financial problems in a cutting regime on all their responsibilities. Several are already on legal restraint from the province and there will probably follow lots more.

For the citizen it is becoming handy in which parish the best facilities are for his or her circumstances. The government has his duty of care for its citizens heavily neglected for the sake of a nice cutting operation. If I was a mayor I would have mobilized all other mayors for a demonstration at the Malieveld. At the same time , like Urgenda , I would have sued the government in the court of law.

When there is no trust anymore only a court of law can bring a fair outcome. The human climate is also an important climate.

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