Our phylosofy , or an program for elections.

If you read the header you might think on politics. That is what I am doing as well. A way to make changes is via politics. There are also other ways. A revolution. A disaster from nature. But they are hard to control. Its not one silk so to speak.

Via politics it goes in a democratic way. But politics is not so democratic anymore as it used to be. It are not people representatives anymore. But instead they are footman of their political party. They are listening to the “mantra” proclaimed by their party. If somebody has a good idea they just believe the opinion polls and go into their current and safe position. The political parties are actually scared and not really accessible.In this way this disrupt and make a cartel of the democratic politics.

Therefore it is time for renewal and to pass over the existing parties. A new road will be followed. This means a new party and a new philosophy. That philosophy I would like to submit to you in the next movie c.q. presentation.[ It is in Dutch but a translation will follow shortly. ] It is concerning several areas with on every area a thought in the form of a speech/saying. The rest is an outcome of that. See it as a living document because in a true democracy on everything can be debated.

An essential part of our philosophy is freedom and social justice in the from of an Unconditional Basic Income. A fair distribution of wealth is a crucial part of it.

I am curious on your opinion , ideas and feedback. Do not forget that we have to do this with all of us. If we all do nothing right now than we all are also to blame.

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