Loneliness , we are all jokers.

We are all jokers when it comes to the face of loneliness.

A beautiful face of being nice and looking good. Agreeing with the image what can be described as good , what the media wants and what the government sees as normal. Something that is being regarded as being happy.

Are we happy? What is that realy? Having a good relationship? In which we we give away what we actually like but comprimize in order not to be alone. Every now and than like to experience some intimacy. Without paying for it. To experience the illusion from the other that they can give love and set a side their ego.

You have the beauty of a model? Gravity always wins. You are intelligent? Time does have its ways.

Everythings is temporary. Life is. But love is more volatile. It actually only serves to expel loneliness.

A happy marriage. Jesus did not have that experience. But the Christian faith preaches it is a happiness for the rest of your life. How naive can one be.

It is all een illusion. But look for example on Tinder and after a gone wrong relation everybody is looking for doing the same over. Do you really believe that that dream is not ending in a nightmare once more. Moving insight is to far fetched.

What is the real thing we are searching for? Anybody out there who found the answer yet? Is he or she helping us out of this misery? Connection? Isn’t that just a twisted acceptation of an illusion ? Loneliness will always stay. There is no one who really understands us. It is a suffering we all have to accept and go through. The singles amongst us but also those in a relationship.

What is the solution? Sharing problems? Intimacy? Payed intimacy? Having sex all the time? It is all a nice bandage of relief on a wound. Fine by itselve , but not a real solution. Resignation , calmness and strenght in solitude and selflove is the only thing I can think of. But you might think otherwise? That is also fine. Share it with us and maybe we will wake up in a warm bed.

Living in a beautiful illusion is always beter than in a harsh reality. Most of us can not bare it. That is the reason who the truth is often twisted. But is our twisted and restless life to be preferred above an eternal piece?

That is a question that should be asked. Maybe its time for you to think about it. Is your life worthwhile? I am curious to your answer.

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