Politics is the face of the Dragon.

So it is just the mask of the dragon. A dragon with a burning desire. The fire of accumilation of money and power is burning inside of him.

But they can not show that out of the blue to the outside world. It will not only put them in a difficult position but they will also be known. The rich do find wealth and power fine but being known scares them a little.

Rich people who flaunt with it made their wealth by doing so. If not they are not the smartest rich people. The fools between them so the speak.

The smart rich elite do have things better arranged. By using free ports for their money they do not pay taxes. If they do it is only a little and for keeping up a nice appearance. A cost for maintaining a good image.

How do they guard their interests? Through a good network of people who are (gladly) willing to enter their system of nice fees and live with a little less but still luxioury and safe life.

Their tool is the lobby of unlimited possiblities and or exclusion from a beautiful free and safe life. You can see it as a nice and smart mafia. From mafia to politics is only a small step. Not only is politics mafia for the soul. It is also a nice and wished for buffer by the elite. Between them and the citizen.

The question that now arises is the next. What is their agenda? Do they want more money? They have enough. Do they want more power? They have enough.

What they want is to keep it. After the second world war there has been an enormous economical growth and many people profited. Almost everyone.

But now something different is going on. Maintaining the wealth and power. For that the regular citizen should be harnassed. So a plan , or reset , to be carried out would be handy. You need to silence the citizens. Therefore “control” the media. Bad information , read halve truths and lies , need to be part of it. Furthermore fear is an important factor.

Violence , for example war or terrorism , has always been a nice excuse to get things done. But globally it is not a wise option. That is also the current battlefield. We live in a world where we can see and know everything. Also from each other. That has many advantages. Because everybody has now more or less the world and maybe freedom in his hands.

But there are disadvantages. The world is connected by lots of governments and institutions like the United Nations , European Community , World Health Organization and you name it. A number are at first glance democratic but many , if not all , are undemocratic and hierarchically structured. They can be influenced as there is no organization that can do without money. This open the doors wide for the power of money.

At the bankingcrisis the costs for the risks at the hands of the rich has been payed for by all the taxpaying citizens. Now Corona has , unnecesarry actually, taken care of an enormous longlasting economical damage to the citizens and the small businesses. Also huge amounts of money have been spend and will be spend. On the pharmaceutical industry for for example. The mountain of debt is larger than the Mount Everest. You should think more on the size of the planet Jupiter.

A better way to implement enslavement you can hardly find. Altough you might be able to robotize people with modern technology. For sure with the right medication you can keep them stupid. I am wondering what the vaccin all will bring. Trust is good but checking is wiser. Avoiding the vaccin is at the moment probably the best.

It all looks like a strange world. But actually it is not so bad. The kapitalistic system just gave space to people to become filthy rich. It is a natural reaction to secure your source of wealth and stability. That this is at the expense of other people is something that sneaks in slowly. Also easy if there is enough distance and no negative feeling. You can just look away. Or put your head in the ground.

How is it possible that all kind of authorities seem to cooperate. It looks like that the system has slowly being drenched by the dark side of power and money. Ofcourse there has been experiments by the rich elite. In “wargames” so to speak. But also in reality. The admissibility within the multinationals , the political system , main media , social media and the people who profit from it has been test and proven great. So it looks like it has become an ingenious game of chess.

But as with every game there is a choice. You dont have to play their game. We can create our own one. A fair game with fair players. That means the end of the smart and rich elite. Also from the multinational , political parties , politicians and the censuring media.

The technology and knowledge is available. How? I will save that for a next article. But is is possible and it is high time for a new human and fair game.

Meanwhile stay calm , be critical and stay kind.

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