Corona Lockdown 2.0 , one of the people not of the virus.

Facts and fairy tales. A Dutch television program about Corona. In which you can find and hear lots of bellowing by the media on “request” of the RIVM and government.

They are in panic because of the high numbers in positive testing. Do not read contamination and surely not contigious. For the latter de pcr test is equiped. You can also only be contaminated if it has passed the borders of your immuunsystem and has really penetrated your corpus.

But if you are in a good health your nice , beautiful and private hospital they call your immunesystem will stop them at the front door. Not any problem for most except for a few.

For those few and all who are vulnerable you should just in preventive way support their immune system. Specially in those seasons of the year when the virus has a higher chance. There are enough medicaments and supplements to do so.

With the current knowledge of Corona that is sufficient. But preventive there is not much happening. If you are being tested positive you have to go into quarantine but they do not provide care. It looks like they want that people have to go to the hospital. That is rather strange as their capacity is significantly reduced over the last years.

The focus lies completely on testing but most part of the population has allready been in contact with the Corona virus. What they are doing right now is testing as much as possible and creating an absolute number as high as possible. Not giving the percentage and the development of that line. That percentage is not that high. Asypmtomatic testing setting out in a percentage which is an indication for (group) immunity they are not providing. Manipulating the R factor is something they can do. It looks like an episode of Blackadder.

But this is the real world. Than you have to learn from the past. Use progressive insight. But it looks like the anchors may not be pulled up. Even the WHO is moving at the moment. Though reasonably slow. But the RIVM is frozen to their dogma’s. Admitting mistakes is not easy. But the government has tied it selve. The member of parlement seem all llike parrots , non critical and proving they have no knowledge or intelligence whatsoever. Many scientists are raising their eye brows at so much failure.

That brings me back to the Lockdown 2.0. They are now taking all kind of measures wich they can think of without knowing if they are working. I can name one immediately that is crucial but not being used at all. Therefore you have to look at the past , think , learn and use the gathered knowledge.

Stay calm. Listen. Investigate. Be smart. Learn. Act wise.

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