Fair play , an end for politics and more.

The solution for the problem of the dragon and almost everything he has scorced away with his burning flame. The human element with her beautiful qualities of compassion and empathy.

Politics is bankrupt. They , specially the top of the existing parties , have tasted from the nectar of power and the attached luxurious assured lifestyle. It has an attracting and addicting influence on certain kind of people. People who do not want save the world but only pretend to do so. They have a reasonable number of narcistic and egoistic characteristics. A lack of seeking thruth and empathy is also involved.

A way of restoring democracy is a direct form of democracy. You shoud think referenda and counsels of citizens. The technique to make this happen is available. Now it is up to the will of the existing power to make that change. But it does mean for them they can not fullfill their promises to the lobbyists. That is not a political suicide but a real one. Because those organizations , read multinationals etc…. , will take care and settle things. Politicians know that and therefore they are not in favor of real and good changes.

Despite that some people in those political parties do want to make a change from the bottom up. They are being absorbed in the system or are removed from those parties. New and small parties present themselves as the horse from Troy. But Troy was a city closed in by its own walls. The present politics has support from the outside from very strong and powerful parties. Corporate States , the multinationals , against which (normal) countries do not stand a chance. Also they have support from created megalomanic parties like the WHO , EC , VN and NGO’s which do not have a high democratic content. In the current structure they do not have a high chance.

It does not mean that you do not have to try. As a citizen you need to show your voice , to unite and offer a counter-pressure.

But there are also other ways to accomplisch a change. You can do things around and not using the politics at all. In an other way changing the influence of the multinational. So that they have to transform to another form of organization. Coöperative , honest and to the benefit of all people.

In the way that Facebook , Google , Amazon did emerge it can happen again with something new. An app with the capability to put all people at the centre of the stage and making companies coöperative for people. Making them work for everybody in a fair way. Leaving the work for machines where possible and wished for. But in a way that everone benefits from those machines.

The government can communicate with the app but has no influence on it. Politics need to adapt just like the companies. Because voting can be done direct , fast and on all subjects. Direct democracy will be a natural thing. If governments do not go with it people will take care of it themselves. We joined can shape the world in the direction we are wishing for. No reset by the elite but a reset by the people.

The Citizens Island project has all these capabilities. Curious? Have a look at www.citizensisland.com. Ask your questions. Proponent? Support the project. How? Take part in it. Send this article to others. Make people aware that there is a better alternative. Much better.

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