Planet Earth is blue , and there is nothing I can do.

A famous saying from Major Tom. But he was floating in space and help could not reach him.

We, at least I, have now the same feeling but we are on Mother Earth. With all our fellow citizens. Nature was already under pressure because of the climate changes. Biodiversity has grown from a nice memory into a nightmare. The financial and economil system is exploding into debt so the paying citizen can be brought to slavery.

Corona is being sprinkled out on top of this. Just to be sure it will happen. Freedom is a nice dream which we see disappearing more and more into the horizon.

In order to get these beautiful times back we fetch a glass. We fill it with some liquid, with a reasonable percentage of alcohol, to get those nice memories of freedom and loving togetherness back. One bottle is often not enough. Let’s sniff some stuff as well. A tragedy poured on us by the government. A blanket of desperation that is almost to hard to bear.

The perspective of Ashes To Ashes and Dust To Dust is a nightmare we can not really handle. On mortality I have written an article previously. You can read it back. The life we should be celebrating, which we probably did not do in the past, is now completely not enjoyable.

There has been created the illusion that at the expense of all we should take account for the lives of people who could have celebrated life already and are not able to do that anymore. We have to protect them at the cost of almost all joy, freedom and financial debt in the life of others.

It is an illusion as there are possibilities to do both. But that possibility is not looked at or they do not want to. I am afraid it is the last one.

It is than not amazing that actions like assaulting the Capitol in Washington are happening. In the past similar actions did take place. The assault on the Bastille is a nice example.

The reason for the people who did this was despair, frustration and powerlessness. Not because of being aggressive or violent. Their livelihoods was at stake. It is a natural phenomenon and easy to understand. Instead of alone and miserable considering suicide you can make a point.

Calling to order those wise men who are only wise in their own bubble. Is violence allowed? If you have tried all other ways, the answer is yes.

We are not far away from that point anymore. A Fool Who Knows He Is A Fool Is That Much Wiser. But the government and its counselors do not know this saying and are continuing on their course. Playing the card of trust alone is however not good enough anymore.

It is time for something else. An honest, emphatic and human world. The only non violent way that leads to that is the Citizens Island Project [- -]. I have written on that subject before and it is the only peaceful way to get people back to the center of the stage.

But for this support is needed. Join is and grab your chance to bring brightness to this world and let the stars shine again.

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