Coronation of the corona vaccine.

Coronation is the word for crowning. The vaccine has now already be called the ultimate savior. No angel who can change that.

There are plenty of objections and opponent for vaccination and also the PCR test. It brings a big discord within humanity. The see their freedom evaporating. Like a layer of snow in the burning sun. Anxiety is everywhere.

Yet we could make a free choice and adapt it nicely now a more contagious variant is emerging. We all want the madness of the virus to disappear as soon as possible.

As the vaccine is not yet widely available we can consider an alternative and fair method.

A good alternative scenario could the following. A good timing of the vaccination and isolation of the vulnerable and any proponent. Then we let the fast English or South African wave flow over the non vulnerable and the ones who choose willingly. Then it is a conscious, personal and free choice.

Adding the fact that people who already dealt with the virus and made their own vaccine by using their own immune system. That is already a large part by the way. The positive a-symptomatic tested people can for example be taken into account here. But also the positively tested people that are healed. Therefore, it is at the same time a test for governments and their specialists if they really trust the PCR test.

Create a hot-line for that and you know how many vaccines you need. Then you are way faster through this crisis and with a free choice for every citizen. It also reduces cost significantly. From the medicine and the accompanying logistics.

Which government, political party or people representative can be against this. The best of two world instead of an imprudent and unfair battle between for and opponents.

Vaccination or an endured positive test is than the release of the mechanism of fully restored freedom. It is something you can check at the front door without reasonable doubt in the long term.

The world is than again quickly accessible and people regain the freedom to enjoy the beauty that our planet has to offer.

“To travel is to live.”

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