The world is ours.

In the past people spoke of an Old World and a New World. The existing and known versus undiscovered and new.

In the hierarchical times from that age dominance and riches where the way to strengthen your position. Livelihoods assured by conquering, exploiting and pillaging. But it was only for a selective group of people who where in charge by choice or plainly taken. But on the basis of the old way of thinking. At this point in time we think very differently and realize that we as people can organize things in a better, collective and cooperative way.

Appointing a leader in a small group is a reasonable choice. In a small group there is a direct and transparent oversight. That are very important things. Things that disappear rather quickly when groups are becoming bigger. Then all kind of forces appear that remove the strength from this structure. Like exploitation and suppression. Anonymity and disguise are being used for manipulation and or destruction.

Honesty and reasonableness disappear into the horizon where Thomas Moore would like to lead us to. Is it not time to abandon our Tower Of Babel and pursue our travel to Utopia.

In the new world where we are now we have the technical possibilities to create and honest world with reasonableness. A decentralized digital world with honesty, fairness and reasonableness is not that hard to built. Direct democracy of a group, country, continent and can and will be realized. Ownership of your digital life with you, the individual, and not with the data colonists. Complete transparency through removal of anonymity and honest and ‚Äéreliable provision of information. Livelihood by going back to the system of the Commons. Bringing back consumption back to usufruct. Leaving the planet in good state to pass on to our children.

Perhaps you have read the book Society 4.0 from Bob de Wit. If not, please do. It is worthwhile. We are already one step further. Curious? Get into contact with us. You can do it via but you can also mail me via this website.

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