One morning I did wake up.

And we were all partisans. Warriors for an honest and free existence, Not for ourselves. But for our dear ones. For all people.

One morning I got up. And I found the invader.

The invader is here already for a long time. It started slowly. Like a virus egoism has lead to greed and power. Self enrichment at the expense of others. The disease of Noe-liberalism grows to more and more extreme proportion.

Oh , partisan , take me along. Because I feel ready to die.

There is a growing number of people that are being put into problems. Allowance are an example in the Netherlands. But worldwide people are being exploited and threatened in there livelihood. Poverty and hunger is still and even more growing problem. Despite the fact there is more money in the world.

And if I die as a partisan. You have to bury me.

Money that is almost entirely kept in the top of the pyramid. Only small crumbs are falling down. So there is down there not much to find. Unless, you are able to endure the system. If you are going to fight like a partisan against the system that you are doomed to go under. You will “buried” and “silenced”. Your “life” is ended.

Bury me up there on the mountain. Under the shadow of a beautiful flower.

But it is a just cause the fight and die for the good and fairness. Dying is a natural process and can turn into a nice soil for a beautiful things. Not only a beautiful flower.

And the people who will pass by. Will tell me “Oh , what a beautiful flower”.

But do not look only at the flower. Look also at its world. Insects can not live without flowers. Like people can not live without an honest and healthy world.

This is the flower of the partisan. Who died for liberty.

For that honest and healthy world we as people should unite and go into battle. A battle for everyone and one worth dying for.

O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao

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