The world is ours.

In the past people spoke of an Old World and a New World. The existing and known versus undiscovered and new.

In the hierarchical times from that age dominance and riches where the way to strengthen your position. Livelihoods assured by conquering, exploiting and pillaging. But it was only for a selective group of people who where in charge by choice or plainly taken. But on the basis of the old way of thinking. At this point in time we think very differently and realize that we as people can organize things in a better, collective and cooperative way.

Appointing a leader in a small group is a reasonable choice. In a small group there is a direct and transparent oversight. That are very important things. Things that disappear rather quickly when groups are becoming bigger. Then all kind of forces appear that remove the strength from this structure. Like exploitation and suppression. Anonymity and disguise are being used for manipulation and or destruction.

Honesty and reasonableness disappear into the horizon where Thomas Moore would like to lead us to. Is it not time to abandon our Tower Of Babel and pursue our travel to Utopia.

In the new world where we are now we have the technical possibilities to create and honest world with reasonableness. A decentralized digital world with honesty, fairness and reasonableness is not that hard to built. Direct democracy of a group, country, continent and can and will be realized. Ownership of your digital life with you, the individual, and not with the data colonists. Complete transparency through removal of anonymity and honest and ‎reliable provision of information. Livelihood by going back to the system of the Commons. Bringing back consumption back to usufruct. Leaving the planet in good state to pass on to our children.

Perhaps you have read the book Society 4.0 from Bob de Wit. If not, please do. It is worthwhile. We are already one step further. Curious? Get into contact with us. You can do it via but you can also mail me via this website.

Fair play , an end for politics and more.

The solution for the problem of the dragon and almost everything he has scorced away with his burning flame. The human element with her beautiful qualities of compassion and empathy.

Politics is bankrupt. They , specially the top of the existing parties , have tasted from the nectar of power and the attached luxurious assured lifestyle. It has an attracting and addicting influence on certain kind of people. People who do not want save the world but only pretend to do so. They have a reasonable number of narcistic and egoistic characteristics. A lack of seeking thruth and empathy is also involved.

A way of restoring democracy is a direct form of democracy. You shoud think referenda and counsels of citizens. The technique to make this happen is available. Now it is up to the will of the existing power to make that change. But it does mean for them they can not fullfill their promises to the lobbyists. That is not a political suicide but a real one. Because those organizations , read multinationals etc…. , will take care and settle things. Politicians know that and therefore they are not in favor of real and good changes.

Despite that some people in those political parties do want to make a change from the bottom up. They are being absorbed in the system or are removed from those parties. New and small parties present themselves as the horse from Troy. But Troy was a city closed in by its own walls. The present politics has support from the outside from very strong and powerful parties. Corporate States , the multinationals , against which (normal) countries do not stand a chance. Also they have support from created megalomanic parties like the WHO , EC , VN and NGO’s which do not have a high democratic content. In the current structure they do not have a high chance.

It does not mean that you do not have to try. As a citizen you need to show your voice , to unite and offer a counter-pressure.

But there are also other ways to accomplisch a change. You can do things around and not using the politics at all. In an other way changing the influence of the multinational. So that they have to transform to another form of organization. Coöperative , honest and to the benefit of all people.

In the way that Facebook , Google , Amazon did emerge it can happen again with something new. An app with the capability to put all people at the centre of the stage and making companies coöperative for people. Making them work for everybody in a fair way. Leaving the work for machines where possible and wished for. But in a way that everone benefits from those machines.

The government can communicate with the app but has no influence on it. Politics need to adapt just like the companies. Because voting can be done direct , fast and on all subjects. Direct democracy will be a natural thing. If governments do not go with it people will take care of it themselves. We joined can shape the world in the direction we are wishing for. No reset by the elite but a reset by the people.

The Citizens Island project has all these capabilities. Curious? Have a look at Ask your questions. Proponent? Support the project. How? Take part in it. Send this article to others. Make people aware that there is a better alternative. Much better.

Politics is the face of the Dragon.

So it is just the mask of the dragon. A dragon with a burning desire. The fire of accumilation of money and power is burning inside of him.

But they can not show that out of the blue to the outside world. It will not only put them in a difficult position but they will also be known. The rich do find wealth and power fine but being known scares them a little.

Rich people who flaunt with it made their wealth by doing so. If not they are not the smartest rich people. The fools between them so the speak.

The smart rich elite do have things better arranged. By using free ports for their money they do not pay taxes. If they do it is only a little and for keeping up a nice appearance. A cost for maintaining a good image.

How do they guard their interests? Through a good network of people who are (gladly) willing to enter their system of nice fees and live with a little less but still luxioury and safe life.

Their tool is the lobby of unlimited possiblities and or exclusion from a beautiful free and safe life. You can see it as a nice and smart mafia. From mafia to politics is only a small step. Not only is politics mafia for the soul. It is also a nice and wished for buffer by the elite. Between them and the citizen.

The question that now arises is the next. What is their agenda? Do they want more money? They have enough. Do they want more power? They have enough.

What they want is to keep it. After the second world war there has been an enormous economical growth and many people profited. Almost everyone.

But now something different is going on. Maintaining the wealth and power. For that the regular citizen should be harnassed. So a plan , or reset , to be carried out would be handy. You need to silence the citizens. Therefore “control” the media. Bad information , read halve truths and lies , need to be part of it. Furthermore fear is an important factor.

Violence , for example war or terrorism , has always been a nice excuse to get things done. But globally it is not a wise option. That is also the current battlefield. We live in a world where we can see and know everything. Also from each other. That has many advantages. Because everybody has now more or less the world and maybe freedom in his hands.

But there are disadvantages. The world is connected by lots of governments and institutions like the United Nations , European Community , World Health Organization and you name it. A number are at first glance democratic but many , if not all , are undemocratic and hierarchically structured. They can be influenced as there is no organization that can do without money. This open the doors wide for the power of money.

At the bankingcrisis the costs for the risks at the hands of the rich has been payed for by all the taxpaying citizens. Now Corona has , unnecesarry actually, taken care of an enormous longlasting economical damage to the citizens and the small businesses. Also huge amounts of money have been spend and will be spend. On the pharmaceutical industry for for example. The mountain of debt is larger than the Mount Everest. You should think more on the size of the planet Jupiter.

A better way to implement enslavement you can hardly find. Altough you might be able to robotize people with modern technology. For sure with the right medication you can keep them stupid. I am wondering what the vaccin all will bring. Trust is good but checking is wiser. Avoiding the vaccin is at the moment probably the best.

It all looks like a strange world. But actually it is not so bad. The kapitalistic system just gave space to people to become filthy rich. It is a natural reaction to secure your source of wealth and stability. That this is at the expense of other people is something that sneaks in slowly. Also easy if there is enough distance and no negative feeling. You can just look away. Or put your head in the ground.

How is it possible that all kind of authorities seem to cooperate. It looks like that the system has slowly being drenched by the dark side of power and money. Ofcourse there has been experiments by the rich elite. In “wargames” so to speak. But also in reality. The admissibility within the multinationals , the political system , main media , social media and the people who profit from it has been test and proven great. So it looks like it has become an ingenious game of chess.

But as with every game there is a choice. You dont have to play their game. We can create our own one. A fair game with fair players. That means the end of the smart and rich elite. Also from the multinational , political parties , politicians and the censuring media.

The technology and knowledge is available. How? I will save that for a next article. But is is possible and it is high time for a new human and fair game.

Meanwhile stay calm , be critical and stay kind.

The Multinational.

Who is or who are the multinational? Are that the people working for them? Are it the investors? What are they actually doing? Who are they serving? Or should I say what.

They are working in accordance with the neo-liberal mantra of earning as much as possible against the lowest costs and all means are allowed. That is their filosofy , mantra and prison.

They have people in their offices to figure out what is the best way to achieve just that. The thought of a useful product against a honest price with a fair profit and bringing as less possible damage to the environment is a mindset that they are throwing aside as much and far as possible. They are luring the smartest men and women they can find with loads of money and luxury in order to find very shrewd way to manipulate and attract consumptional behaviour against extravagant prices.

They also give the impression that without subsidies there are no possibilities on productdevelopment and changes. They let the governments create subsidie flows and supporting funds. All kinds of financial means from which they profit and sometimes even solely exist. Those financial means are beng paid for by the tax payer and therefore mainly hardworking citizens.

The multinational does not pay taxes. They have a location in Amsterdam Zuid. But that is just a free taxhaven as there are many around the globe. Like Cook Islands , St.Kitts & Nevis , Singapore , Seychellen , Vanuatu and more. All small countries with the motto: Its better to get a small fee than nothing at all. But the overlarge part stays in the pockets of the Multinational and other villains themselves.

The nice thing is: It is all very legal. Locking away money is all just fine. It is all following laws and rules. But that is not saying it is fair. For the mutinational that is something on the otherside of the horizon. The politicians are leaving it there as well because they are depending for their future on them as well. Name me a former politician who did not include the tribe of the multinational. They are creating their own security of existence. But this needs and has to change.

In a previous article I did write that politics is the last barricade between the multinational and the citizen. That barricade is dissolving so the speak. Political parties are depending on funding. It is something that becomes more and more clearer. Fantastic publicity campagnes with beautiful commercials. Honesty is often far to be found. Interests , often own interests , are widely present.

A direct approach to make an appeal to the responsibility of the multinational could be considered. Let them deliver a contribution to a fund , via for example UBI-Vault , that wil be beneficairy for all people in the form of a Basic Dividend. In return give them a label through which people know these companies are acting into their favour. It could work, But if it is going to change the current culture within companies. I have my doubts.

Making a change in culture is more difficult than we think. Greed is for example much older that the Tower of Babylon. One of the sources for greed is scarcity. And that is exactly what we are (arteficially) creating in the present time of abundance. In the past there was real scarcity. But that was due to seasons , weather conditions and geography.

But those times of scarcity is allready from a far past. There is food in abundance. Take as an example the new illnes obesity. It is one of the worst problems for our health in the 21st century. There is plenty. The problem is a fair sharing of it. It means that we all , people and companies , have to find a better balance of individual and group importance. For that point we can learn much from the Eastern Culture.

There the basis of life is their family , or group , to which they belong. They can not excel if there is no support and togetherness inside the group. If you face drawbacks you do not have to solve it on your own. People are taking care of each other. If you excel there is also gratitude and reciprocity. You return the favors so to speak. Help one another. You do not abandon anyone.

Within the Western Culture , supported by the christian mindset and the neo-liberal way of thinking , the illusion has been created that the individual , and his successful company , ows everything to himselve. There is no real reason to share and be thankful. You can give the illusion that you care. But it is just a thin layer of gold leaf to keep your network and customers satisfied. For further gain only.

That is the nut that needs to cracked. The point is fair sharing against a fair price and not greedy profit making.

My thought is that the multinational are not going to do that themselves. Sharing their creations in a fair manner. They need the help from citizens. Citizens who are critical thinkers and say: Government we have a right on a fair sharing of prosperity. Security of existence , in the form a Basic Income , is a human right that should be provided. Get than your taxes from the multinational in a fair way.

For that you need a government that says: Now you paxes and else there is exit. We are not depending on them. What they produce others can do in a fair way. Lets just give them the space.

Now a peoples representation who is going to make it happen. The Social Human Movement would like to do that for you. But they than need your voice and support.

Citizens Island , a new and unique treasure for every individual.

Imagine. A world consisting of billions of little Islands. Not like continents. But one island for every person.

One place entirely for one person. No power of government, mulitinationals, whatever. Every digital aspect of this person’s life on this island is personal and with free movement. Data can only being shared willfully.

Everything in your own control. Absolute and real freedom. An illusion? A utopia? Hardly. This freedom can be achieved fairly easily.

Self-determination. Back to the core of our existence.

By accepting cookies we give away ownership of our personal digital data not only to firms like Facebook, Google and Amazon, but also to smaller less known firms.

This won’t be necessary for long anymore.

Shortly you will be able to keep your data safe in a digital surrounding that is yours and yours only. Giving away data for free or against payment will be your own free choice.

The benefits of your data will no longe serve the interests of Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos.

If you use Citizens Island it will be up to you to either cash your data or keep them private.

You could chose to make a passive income out of selling your data. Call it a Basic Income, if you like. At this moment the datamarket is the fastest growing market. Companies are interested in your data. But not only in your data.

Fair trading and sustainably operating companies are also desperate for a digital space to show (positive) reviews, that are honest and sincere, and obviously not paid for. They need reviews, given by local customers, that appreciate a fair way of trading. A Company Island within the world of Citizens Islands could be such a space.

When Citizens Islands is used broadly, this will change the landscape of commerce. Companies will adapt and treat you , their customer, as a “king”.

Is this all for free? Not entirely ofcourse, but we work on this at minimal costs. Anyway, those costs will be a fraction of the costs, charged for your bank account.

Plus a bank account will not enable you to generate a passive income and guard your data safely on your own Citizens Island, that is accessible on all your devices.

It is high time to take back control over our data and our lives.

We can achieve this via Citizens Island. Please see our website: and give us your support.

Corona, its clearness and its attached lessons.

The first clarity that Corona shows is that we are vulnerable. In a number of case to vulnerable because people die from this disease.

There is no vaccin yet. As most vaccins it is only being developed when its there. So way to late [ Lesson.1 , Prepare as good as you can on matters that can occur. ]

If we think only about ourselves , which is being cultivated in the Western World , and if we do not fully comply in order to avoid infected and if we are infected going into isolation we have a huge problem. [ Lesson.2 , The individual is never more important that the group if we want to survive. ]

What is the best approach. Who can you trust The media? The politician?The experts? I thonk the last ones. The rest should just do everything to make things cear and get things done. So facilitate. [ Lesson.3 , Give the specialists space and force to act quickly and adequately. ]

The economic impact of a Lock Down and its consequences. It makes you realize what is really import and what you can do without. You consume only the most needed. That is mainly food and drinks. The rest is not that needed. Toilet paper? no need for it when you have a toilet shower. Also more hygienic. Lots of things you where thinking of buying you postpone. Or you realize there is actually no need for. It does not cost a thing to make walk. Talk to some other people. [ Lesson.4 , Importance of things are becoming clear. ]

The economic growth disappears behind the horizon. Companies are coming to a slow or even stop down. Some products and services are in a hard need , others less and some redundant. A nice opportunity to say goodbye to those. Also a shrink in the economy means a recovery and growth of our ecology.

Look for example to the clear waters of Venice at the moment. In this way the Agreement Of Paris is getting a chance. For sure there will be a decrease in CO2 and Nitrogen. [ Lesson.4 , Clarity of the things that are really important. ]

In times of drastic measures there hits for economical activities. Things are stopping and costs are being made. Wages need to be paid. Rents are owed. Activities need to be cancelled. Work needs to be done without getting income of it. On short the economical model is not in balance anymore. Financial support needs to be given. Questions is to whom and what. To companies or to people? [ Lesson.5 , What is fair and who deserves financial help. ]

Acute need is never within companies. That are only entities on paper with machines and their personnel. The last are people who really feel and observe. That in basis also the only group which should get acute help should be given. The best way to do that is to provide them with a Basic Income. At least for the period the crisis lasts. Companies are a sponge to absorb money and keep it for themselves. The drip down effect does not really work. Its is a fairytale told to and believed by most politicians. So give it directly to the people who feel the pain really. Let on advice from and with experts a new model function. Al least for the time being of the crisis. [ Lesson.6 , What is the best and simplest way of giving aid. ]

In situations like these also nice and explorative things happen with the use of new technologies. Working at home is in many situation working very good. The manager is getting a little nervous as he can see and feel that there is no real need for him. Schoolbuildings are empty. But teachers are not sitting still and are giving their lessons and instruction via internet. In many cases this works fine. A continuation of this saves classrooms. [ Lesson.7 , We are finding out that things can be done differently and better. ]

For our freedom it is not nice to get in this crisis situation. But it leads to some wise lessons. Those lessons we can than use to expand our freedom and realize again what is really important.

The financial world.

What you do not hear at school and also in general. Like , how is money being created? Who is allowed to do this? Who is owning the banks? Is my money safe? Is it on a safe account?

To get a good answer on these questions is quite difficult. But recently I saw a nice conversation on YouTube . Quite interesting and you will get answer where we are and where we should be heading. Unfortenately it is in Dutch.

Are you thirsty for more info. Have a look at www.onsfeld.

If it is up to me we are going to make steps in order to give banks their functions in society but the control will given back to the government. With the government also the citizens.

Farmers , riding on their tractors.

The agriculture did put themselves in the spotlight. On the Malieveld in The Hague even. A place specially dedicated for demonstrations. They showed their discontent how they are being looked and also by how the climate troubles is hanging a sword above their heads.

Cause of all this is the verdict by the Raad Van State looking at the nitrogin rules. The agrarian sector and in special livestock breeding is a major contributor in this. But there are other causers as well.

A clear and transparent picture is lacking. At the point of who is doing what there is not a with authority , so through and by objective experts with uniform and correct measurements , made report presented by the responsible minister at prime time to the people. Apparently this is to much asked for. So far the failing government and democracy.

The government also should for once have a look at their own name. To govern is to look ahead. Give and make a structure for the long term. At least there should be time to have a just return on investments. So offer a good vision where we are heading for.  Also a timely reaction instead of a decennia long ostrich behaviour.   Let a judicial authority come with a finding who is all responsible for this actual misdirection. Mark Rutte has , without a doubt , had the role of final responsible person. So that makes already one.

Looking at the livestock there where things going on of which I think: How in the hell can this be. Fishery with add of electric pulses was an experiment. The milk quotum was abolished. Nitrogen rulings have been made. Also the livestock is biggest contributor (/causer) of the CO2 problem. 

The last problem is known for decennia but by the “old” club of Diederik Samson , so Greenpeace ,  Het laatste probleem is al decennia bekend maar door de “oude” club van Diederik Samson , Greenpeace dus , deliberately not put on the agenda and so remained a “blind spot” for most people. If that was not the case the sector would have been on time to reform their business in a gradual way. That opportunity has not been taken.

The nitrogen rulings have been put aside by the government and ignored as long as possible. But now they have to react all of a sudden. Governing is not a last minute reaction but acting timely. Another negative point.

Phosphate rulings where already in the air for a long time. But they did not look up and so again a late reaction.

The milk quotum was abolished and so the “smart farmer” started milking abundantly and increased their livestock considerably. Not that they could increase their revenues. The supply and demand principle just lowered the price per liter. Nice for the countries who are importing it. The local farmer there just got it harder to make a living. Additional effect was that because of the phosphate rulings more than 100.000 cows could visit the slaughter house. If the cows are not giving enough milk anymore they go there anyway. The farmers can say that they love their cattle but there not many who walk down the last few meters with them and look them for the last time in the eye before they abruptly are slaughtered. 

Also I am curious if Carola Schouten or her predecessor was smart enough to send those cows that lived near the now so famous natura areas. I wonder.are nBen ook benieuwd of Carola Schouten of haar voorganger zo slim was om in ieder geval die koeien daar heen te sturen die in de buurt leefden van de nu zo bekende natura gebieden.

The fishery with add of electric pulses that as an experiment , so temporary and very small scale , was allowed by the European Union was in Holland implemented on a full scale and utilized. The VOC mentality is still fleeting here. If they can make money and business they are very capable. Let Thierry Baudet also make a you tube movie how we in that Grand Golden Age created the first plundering and exploiting multinational.

Coming back to the livestock business. Their slogan was No Formars No Food. As people we can react with No Subsidies No Farmers . I understand that they are doing their best and think they are doing the right thing for animals but that is not the whole and right story. They are exporting around 70% of what they are producing. So we are sitting in the “shit” because we are producing for others. We even put subsidies in it. Sponsoring more or less our own CO2 problem.

About the fact that food , for which nature mostly abroad is destroyed , is being given to livestock is a matter from which the world is not becoming a better place. From less or no meat people are really not getting worse. The world is however getting better from this. Now and in the future. Soon we all will have wet feet and there will be plenty of water. Salt water. Than there will not be any farmer anymore. The tractor will corroding and the alga will have found new grounds to grow.

Modern slavery , or how the mantra of work and work are making the rich richer.

Work and work is a mantra which you can hear echoing in almost in whole society. But why really? That is a really interesting question. Is it really necessary? For whom are we doing it? Wat happens with the work?

I will try to give an answer on this. At least put it in perspective. Subsequently you can think about it and maybe you will see where we actually did arrive.

Work is doing tasks for somebody , a person or a company , who gets something in return. A product which he can use or selling it through to somebody else. In the last case , selling to somebody else , he will make a profit. If he does it a little bit smart he (almost) does not have to work himselve.

The last people think often that they are the smartest. They try to let other people do all the work and give them the illusion that they are important. That they are creating jobs. That they are making products which are people making or giving a better life. A nice thought but mostly an illusion.

Products are via Marketing promoted as necessary. The work that is needed is being done in countries with the lowest wages in the cheapest countries. Quality is less because promotion of the product and label is key. You can only spend the money once so promoting the label is the best choice. Production is not being produced in self owned production facilities but outsourced to contractors at the lowest pricing. The making of profit , as high as possible , is the only thing that counts.

It are companies , actually merchants , and they parasitize on others. Their slaves. And those are many. The consumer via marketing. The politicians who let the people believe in the neo liberal fairytale. The countries who , incorrectly , assume that something will flow through to the regional economy. But production always moves to the lowest bidder. So for the worker , also just slaves, at the lowest wages that will occur in this ratrace.

It are the rich who cultivate the new form of slavery and by all means keep it alive. Lobbying is the modern word for subtle en cultivated bribery , blackmail and influencing via (multi) media. People are getting loads of information , true and not true , thrown at their faces. Numbed as they are they are not open anymore for critical thinking and acting. That is at least what the rich are trying to achieve and they are doing it rather well.

To be honest it are their greatest enemy. People who can think freely and critically. People who can realize that if they unite themselves they can achieve that wealth can be redistributed in a fair way. That humans will be put back in the centre again. That consuming for the sake of consuming is an unnecessary addiction. Brought into this world by merchants who are only thinking about making money. From products. From raw materials. From work. From labour. But is it needed. Do we really use it? Does it have to go this way. The modern slavery is an inhuman situation that we should put behind us as soon as possible.

The democracy through parlement does not make a stand. So high time that the democracy from the society , so the people , to put themselves at the forefront. Going to the barricades so to speak. 

The Climate agreement , and how politicians show who they really are.

The Dutch Climate agreement. It exists of 233 pages en contains all beautiful “management” words. Like goals, empty statements and references.

There are supporting , thinks on subsidies , streams of money made available for parties from which the consultant can profit in a nice smooth way. That these streams of money are being paid by the taxpayer is a story that also needs attention. Will save that one for another time.

What are the real things by which we can save the climate. In a manageable form ofcourse.  Are we going to do it sustainable? That does not mean that it is good for the ecology. Or acceptable for the citizens

The agreement has been settled by many different parties at different tables. Depending on the subject. The possible good outcomes are therefore negotiated to vague promises and intentions. The real experts are barely involved. Otherwise spear points who where pointed out now , hydrogen – biomass – circular agriculture , would have been treated different. *** The shortnoun OED ,  oppervlakte energie dichtheid / surface energy density , would have been mentioned in that case. This is together with the (electricity) network the basis to achieve something. If you do not know what that means. Do not have a vision on that. If you do not have a central , nation – and continental wide , coordination than you are doomed.

Politicians are looking on that point , so knowledge , guilty. But there is an other on which they are guilty. Except that we should do everything that really works , have a look at the book Drawdown by Paul Hawken , it should be clear that it is urgent as hell.

The politicians are still playing with the factor: Time. There is no time to waist and still they playing with it. It can wait for a while because the goals are only there in 2030 and 2050. The Climate Agreement from Paris and other agreements  are being use as a guideline. Time for meetings and bargaining with measures is already gone. Still that is what they are doing. Deliberately?? If they look in the mirror they will realize it. Looking at their faces and into their eyes it shows as well. Some are laughing it away and say it will be allright. It is almost the same as denying  it as some other politicians do.

Politics is a slowing and distorting factor in the problems we are facing. They should realize that in this way their role quickly could be played out. It is time that their (personal/party) interests should be put aside and serve the people.

The same goes for the NGO’s. Greenpeace for example puts Hydrogen in first place for solving the climate problem. But that is not the solution unless you are stupid. Just like the fact that they where realizing for decennia that intensive animal husbandry was the biggest climate problem. Deliberately they did not put it on the agenda. Their businessmodel is more important than to share the real knowledge and making it clear to the world. There are more of these NGO’s from which the real good NGO’s have to suffer. Their ego and exsistance are more important than mankind.

Being transparant and a not leading by ego ,  for organizations that is profit , is what makes parties serving the people on this planet. The humans should be put in the centre and only in that way they a right of existence and real legitimacy. If that is not going to happen and the people also really demand it it will become a nice world for only the selected few. When planet Earth is consumed they think there will be another planet within their reach. The nice things about planets is that they are not dying but only transforming. To the good or bad of the current nature on that planet.