The Social Human Movement , it’s origin and charter.

It’s origin.

First let me start by introducing myselve.
My name is Arjan Takens and was born in 1962 and in live in Assen. That is in the Netherlands by the way. A single man and father of two children a girl and a boy. As a former triathlete sportive by nature. Like to play tennis and padel. Mountainbiking a few times per week. Diving if there is a nice opportunity. Reading books forgaining knowledge. Like to travel. As a former planner creative and thinking in possibilities. Founder of this movement. Marketing Manager of The Citizens Island Project.

Some time ago I did realize that there is something wrong in our society. Not with with the people itselve but with the several systems that have been put upon us by politics , organizations and other which I call structures. They have not realized and maybe lost the vision of what is really important on this planet.

You can contact me by e-mail at the following address: .

Our Charter.

Its aim is to make this world more human , social and ecological.
In order to do so there are three objecties that need to be changed and/or realized

The objectives are:

    • Education
    • Fair Profit & Use.
    • UBI , An Unconditional Basic Income.

These objectives are in connection with each other. If implemented in the right way this world can become a place where nobody will be excluded and the planet will not be threatened anymore by its inhabitants.

In short a view on our objectives:

  • Education
    • Better integration for all people within the society.
    • Philosofy driven instead of economy driven.
    • Learn how to really think , listen en debate.
    • Development of people’s skills by means of coaching instead of telling them how and what to do.
    • Looking at the world and its behaviour in an open way.
    • Learning from all religions instead of only one.
    • More personal development and coaching.
    • No special schools with a possible exception for children with an handicap
    • With the right changes we can expect:
  • Fair Profit & Use.
    • Reasonable profits.
    • Circulair economy instead of liniear economy.
    • Less waste materials.
    • Smaller and social oriented enterprises.
    • Fair taxes on income , capital and products.
    • More ecological and sustainable energy.
    • A planet that we will use in an ecological way and where nature will be respected.
    • A healthy world will be our legacy for future generations.
    • This will lead to:
  • Unconditional Basic Income.
    • After implementation there will be:
      • More time.
      • Less stress.
      • No Poverty.
      • More and better social interaction.
      • More equality.
      • Unemployment is not an issue.
      • Complete emancipation on all fields and levels.
      • Intrinsic motivation as determining.

Since 15 Februari 2020 for the above there has been written a philosofy c.q. manifest c.q. program. You can find it on our website but also on our YouTube channel.