Borstlap and his advice.

And what are they talking about. So it concerns labour and the way in which we can arrange it economically and in a stable or consistent way. There have been written lots of articles about this report and that can be done easily. It concerns labour and our relations with it.

You can read the report , in Dutch by the way, on:

It are quite a few pages and one thing shows. The faith , or religion you might say , in labour is at the centre. Apparently the happiness of peoples life consist of working. Without a job humans are lost. In order to please everybody with that we are doing anything and everything.

All kind of coherent measures which should be implemented in the coming years. A basic job. Stimulating fixed contracts. Flexible work should last shorter. The necessity for it should be made clear. A personal development budget everybody should get from their birth.

All kinds of measures that are very hard to implement. Even more harder to control. That all from a false perspective.

Labour is not at the centre of human wellbeing. For that feeling of wellbeing he should do something. No hunger and thirst , a roof above your head , helping other people and do nice social activities together however is key. If those nice social activities are covering more time than helping each other its even better.

From where the mindset comes that a job makes one happy is a mysterie to me. How many nice jobs are there even? There are lots of so called bullshit jobs. Who determines what is nice? The government or the companies who are going to create the jobs.

There is work that is not being done? If that work is that important you hould just give a good salary. Than it will be done and in no time. If the work was really life fulfilling it would have been done. Give people time , space and freedom and a lot of problems will solve themselves.

If you are forcing and regulating things problems will just occur. The same goes for basic job versus basic income. The first is creating problems and the second is solving them all.

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