Corona, its clearness and its attached lessons.

The first clarity that Corona shows is that we are vulnerable. In a number of case to vulnerable because people die from this disease.

There is no vaccin yet. As most vaccins it is only being developed when its there. So way to late [ Lesson.1 , Prepare as good as you can on matters that can occur. ]

If we think only about ourselves , which is being cultivated in the Western World , and if we do not fully comply in order to avoid infected and if we are infected going into isolation we have a huge problem. [ Lesson.2 , The individual is never more important that the group if we want to survive. ]

What is the best approach. Who can you trust The media? The politician?The experts? I thonk the last ones. The rest should just do everything to make things cear and get things done. So facilitate. [ Lesson.3 , Give the specialists space and force to act quickly and adequately. ]

The economic impact of a Lock Down and its consequences. It makes you realize what is really import and what you can do without. You consume only the most needed. That is mainly food and drinks. The rest is not that needed. Toilet paper? no need for it when you have a toilet shower. Also more hygienic. Lots of things you where thinking of buying you postpone. Or you realize there is actually no need for. It does not cost a thing to make walk. Talk to some other people. [ Lesson.4 , Importance of things are becoming clear. ]

The economic growth disappears behind the horizon. Companies are coming to a slow or even stop down. Some products and services are in a hard need , others less and some redundant. A nice opportunity to say goodbye to those. Also a shrink in the economy means a recovery and growth of our ecology.

Look for example to the clear waters of Venice at the moment. In this way the Agreement Of Paris is getting a chance. For sure there will be a decrease in CO2 and Nitrogen. [ Lesson.4 , Clarity of the things that are really important. ]

In times of drastic measures there hits for economical activities. Things are stopping and costs are being made. Wages need to be paid. Rents are owed. Activities need to be cancelled. Work needs to be done without getting income of it. On short the economical model is not in balance anymore. Financial support needs to be given. Questions is to whom and what. To companies or to people? [ Lesson.5 , What is fair and who deserves financial help. ]

Acute need is never within companies. That are only entities on paper with machines and their personnel. The last are people who really feel and observe. That in basis also the only group which should get acute help should be given. The best way to do that is to provide them with a Basic Income. At least for the period the crisis lasts. Companies are a sponge to absorb money and keep it for themselves. The drip down effect does not really work. Its is a fairytale told to and believed by most politicians. So give it directly to the people who feel the pain really. Let on advice from and with experts a new model function. Al least for the time being of the crisis. [ Lesson.6 , What is the best and simplest way of giving aid. ]

In situations like these also nice and explorative things happen with the use of new technologies. Working at home is in many situation working very good. The manager is getting a little nervous as he can see and feel that there is no real need for him. Schoolbuildings are empty. But teachers are not sitting still and are giving their lessons and instruction via internet. In many cases this works fine. A continuation of this saves classrooms. [ Lesson.7 , We are finding out that things can be done differently and better. ]

For our freedom it is not nice to get in this crisis situation. But it leads to some wise lessons. Those lessons we can than use to expand our freedom and realize again what is really important.

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