Coronalution , going for a different fair natural solution.

I do think we should go back to the basis in this madness. This means going back to that point and place were the battle against illnesses really take place. It is inside the human body and is called the immunesystem. Your own personal and best hospital that you will ever find.

Doctors and hospital will not say it that explicitly and in these words by the way. It would make them more redundant and cause less work. It is not that black and white ofcourse. But the same goes for vaccination.

Vaccination is not the only solution in the Corona situation. It makes that the immune system is triggered to do its work which it normally does with all viruses. The claim is not that the vaccine cures you but it builds resistance against Corona.

But every vaccine has side effects and opposes a certain variant of the Corona virus. So a new vaccination has to be taken frequently and often. Logistically and economical a heavy and expensive task while maintaining an isolation regime. So also maintaining a continuous manner of imprisonment.

Through economical insights we have put the capacity of our health care at a minimum level. That was a choice of the government. However, it brings currently people like Diederik Gommers and Ernst Kuipers in a justified panic and the health of many people in jeopardy.

A long intro that brings me to the title of this article. Another fair natural solution. That solution is fairly simple and for everybody easy to follow. If the misery is really as high as Diederik Gommers and Ernst Kuipers are saying it is very strange that it has not been implemented yet.

During the first outbreak it was not completely clear how it would progress and which means could have a positive effect. But now we do, as Diederik Gommers and several doctors have reported, and with free and simple available vitamins and minerals we can strengthen our immune system. People with disease will drop significantly.

That a national campaign has not yet been made by the government before the outbreak of the second wave is a huge human disgrace.

Complaining on the huge number of patients who need care but not any precautionary actions. Worse is the fact to let people wait till test are available. What is the advice when tested positive? Stay home till the symptom are not occurring more and then take the quarantine days into account. Preventive care to avoid worsening is not offered.

It looks like that willingly and knowingly the gates to the hospitals have been put wide open. The RIVM, Diederik and Ernst did not give any attention to that. Was there note a problem?

It is something you do not expect and I really had to rub me in the eyes. Arjan in a mind-blogging world. There are going billions to the pharmaceutical industry who create factories like crazy and our own immune system is being overlooked. A system that can deal with every kind and form of the virus provided you keep it in good condition.

Strengthening and supporting the personal immune system is the most important thing that should be taking care of. And as quickly as possible of course. And if there still are people where their immune system can not handle it there is medication like Ivermectine that can help.

The vaccine is only beneficial for the protection of the elderly and weakened ones in our society. Vaccinating the entire population is way out of proportion and unnecessary.

The strategy we should consider is the one of a targeted information the strenghten the imunesystem for everyone. The elderly/weakened/willingly could be vaccinated and than the Corona wave should come over us as soon as possible. The Coronalution.

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