Citizens Island , a new and unique treasure for every individual.

Imagine. A world consisting of billions of little Islands. Not like continents. But one island for every person.

One place entirely for one person. No power of government, mulitinationals, whatever. Every digital aspect of this person’s life on this island is personal and with free movement. Data can only being shared willfully.

Everything in your own control. Absolute and real freedom. An illusion? A utopia? Hardly. This freedom can be achieved fairly easily.

Self-determination. Back to the core of our existence.

By accepting cookies we give away ownership of our personal digital data not only to firms like Facebook, Google and Amazon, but also to smaller less known firms.

This won’t be necessary for long anymore.

Shortly you will be able to keep your data safe in a digital surrounding that is yours and yours only. Giving away data for free or against payment will be your own free choice.

The benefits of your data will no longe serve the interests of Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos.

If you use Citizens Island it will be up to you to either cash your data or keep them private.

You could chose to make a passive income out of selling your data. Call it a Basic Income, if you like. At this moment the datamarket is the fastest growing market. Companies are interested in your data. But not only in your data.

Fair trading and sustainably operating companies are also desperate for a digital space to show (positive) reviews, that are honest and sincere, and obviously not paid for. They need reviews, given by local customers, that appreciate a fair way of trading. A Company Island within the world of Citizens Islands could be such a space.

When Citizens Islands is used broadly, this will change the landscape of commerce. Companies will adapt and treat you , their customer, as a “king”.

Is this all for free? Not entirely ofcourse, but we work on this at minimal costs. Anyway, those costs will be a fraction of the costs, charged for your bank account.

Plus a bank account will not enable you to generate a passive income and guard your data safely on your own Citizens Island, that is accessible on all your devices.

It is high time to take back control over our data and our lives.

We can achieve this via Citizens Island. Please see our website: and give us your support.

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