The Multinational.

Who is or who are the multinational? Are that the people working for them? Are it the investors? What are they actually doing? Who are they serving? Or should I say what.

They are working in accordance with the neo-liberal mantra of earning as much as possible against the lowest costs and all means are allowed. That is their filosofy , mantra and prison.

They have people in their offices to figure out what is the best way to achieve just that. The thought of a useful product against a honest price with a fair profit and bringing as less possible damage to the environment is a mindset that they are throwing aside as much and far as possible. They are luring the smartest men and women they can find with loads of money and luxury in order to find very shrewd way to manipulate and attract consumptional behaviour against extravagant prices.

They also give the impression that without subsidies there are no possibilities on productdevelopment and changes. They let the governments create subsidie flows and supporting funds. All kinds of financial means from which they profit and sometimes even solely exist. Those financial means are beng paid for by the tax payer and therefore mainly hardworking citizens.

The multinational does not pay taxes. They have a location in Amsterdam Zuid. But that is just a free taxhaven as there are many around the globe. Like Cook Islands , St.Kitts & Nevis , Singapore , Seychellen , Vanuatu and more. All small countries with the motto: Its better to get a small fee than nothing at all. But the overlarge part stays in the pockets of the Multinational and other villains themselves.

The nice thing is: It is all very legal. Locking away money is all just fine. It is all following laws and rules. But that is not saying it is fair. For the mutinational that is something on the otherside of the horizon. The politicians are leaving it there as well because they are depending for their future on them as well. Name me a former politician who did not include the tribe of the multinational. They are creating their own security of existence. But this needs and has to change.

In a previous article I did write that politics is the last barricade between the multinational and the citizen. That barricade is dissolving so the speak. Political parties are depending on funding. It is something that becomes more and more clearer. Fantastic publicity campagnes with beautiful commercials. Honesty is often far to be found. Interests , often own interests , are widely present.

A direct approach to make an appeal to the responsibility of the multinational could be considered. Let them deliver a contribution to a fund , via for example UBI-Vault , that wil be beneficairy for all people in the form of a Basic Dividend. In return give them a label through which people know these companies are acting into their favour. It could work, But if it is going to change the current culture within companies. I have my doubts.

Making a change in culture is more difficult than we think. Greed is for example much older that the Tower of Babylon. One of the sources for greed is scarcity. And that is exactly what we are (arteficially) creating in the present time of abundance. In the past there was real scarcity. But that was due to seasons , weather conditions and geography.

But those times of scarcity is allready from a far past. There is food in abundance. Take as an example the new illnes obesity. It is one of the worst problems for our health in the 21st century. There is plenty. The problem is a fair sharing of it. It means that we all , people and companies , have to find a better balance of individual and group importance. For that point we can learn much from the Eastern Culture.

There the basis of life is their family , or group , to which they belong. They can not excel if there is no support and togetherness inside the group. If you face drawbacks you do not have to solve it on your own. People are taking care of each other. If you excel there is also gratitude and reciprocity. You return the favors so to speak. Help one another. You do not abandon anyone.

Within the Western Culture , supported by the christian mindset and the neo-liberal way of thinking , the illusion has been created that the individual , and his successful company , ows everything to himselve. There is no real reason to share and be thankful. You can give the illusion that you care. But it is just a thin layer of gold leaf to keep your network and customers satisfied. For further gain only.

That is the nut that needs to cracked. The point is fair sharing against a fair price and not greedy profit making.

My thought is that the multinational are not going to do that themselves. Sharing their creations in a fair manner. They need the help from citizens. Citizens who are critical thinkers and say: Government we have a right on a fair sharing of prosperity. Security of existence , in the form a Basic Income , is a human right that should be provided. Get than your taxes from the multinational in a fair way.

For that you need a government that says: Now you paxes and else there is exit. We are not depending on them. What they produce others can do in a fair way. Lets just give them the space.

Now a peoples representation who is going to make it happen. The Social Human Movement would like to do that for you. But they than need your voice and support.

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