Another year over.

Januari 2016 is on its way. Sufficient time to think about what we have done in 2015. Did the world become a better place? Is there less violence? Less war?

All kinds of questions that we should ask ourselves and to each other. Did we make this world a better place? Wat are your intentions for this year?

Do you think that intentions are sufficient? Maybe something needs to realized? Should it be a big thing? Maybe not. Small things can have a snowball effect. It also give confidence that you can do it.

If we make this world more positive and friendlier we have allready gained a lot.

The world was not buildt in 7 days as some people would like to let us believe. The world can not be changed in 7 days as well.

Only step by step. That is what we should do. Step by step and they do not have to be big. Hundred small step are as big as one huge one.

But they do need to be forward and not backward. So be clear on your intentions

If we keep this in mind why should we not be able to make this world better during this year. Really better.

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