Globalization. Curse or wonder?

With the way transportation evolved in recent history the world did became smaller. It is now a days easier to travel to all parts of the world. See and feel different cultures has been more accessible to everyone. For the people that had a reasonable wealth a great experience to travel and obtain new experiencies. So with that respect maybe a wonder.

In another aspect a huge chance for companies to move labour to countries with very low wages and make more profit on their products. Nike , Apple and many other companies moved their production to those countries with very low wages. So for them and their shareholders also a wonder? With regards to raising their profits it is. But they did not really think if the wages their where really fair. Only profit maximization was in their mind. The governments in the rich countries did not fully realize the consequences of what the big companies where really creating. Or the neo-liberal dogma kept them blind. The richer became viewer and more rich. More people became poor and also more uncertain. For the people with a smart mind and view it became clear that really a curse has been put upon mankind.

To make more clear what the curse really is there is man , Guy Standing , who can explain it very clearly.
Please see this video of him in a TedX presentation.

If you have seen this it will difficult to look the other way. Some people will do but I cant.
What are you going to do.

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