Democracy , its not about the vote of the people but the voice of the people.

What is really democracy. Is it that people speak up for you? Can you trust people speaking up and deciding for you? Things do change between elections. Your opinion or point of view. But also that from the politician. Does he really understand the vote you gave him. He probably is understanding part of what you really would like to have done. He might be negotiating with other parties and change his point on dealing with your problems.

Looking at the last decennia and their elections I can only see that it does not really functions. Politicians , political parties are not really listening to the voice of the people but only try to get as much possible votes. If it is only a part of the people that are voting they do not really mind as they will get a fair share of the portion that does not vote. Main concern of politicians and political parties is also to stay and be at their position of power as they benefit a lot. Lobying by the multinational and big companies work in their favour no ours. You can clearly see it after their political career in their new functions. You can describe it as a form of corruption.

So I do think it is time for rethinking of what democracy really should be. It should be more about the voice of the people than the vote. Also a more ethical way of establishing things. Furthermore people should be more involved and closer to think about , making and implementing measures for the whole society.

The following movie will you give a better understanding on democracy. Specially on what elections are doing with democracy.


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