The human dimension.

From a lot of countries people do flee from war and violent situations. This in search of a safer and better existence.  A situation which should be a right for everyone but which is not always sure.  There are people in search for power and/or in their hunger to maintain it capable of using violence , even in excessive form.  Those people , like f.e. Bhar al-Hassad , are willingly to massacre it’s own citizins in order to maintain their own position of power. Afraid of what might happen if he looses it.

The same fear is being shown by some people in the european countries who are trying to provide shelter to the stream of refugees. Luckily these people do not have the means of someone like Bahar al-Hassad but do attempt to put away those refugees as unwanted even dangerous and try to provoce at meetings that are being held.

It is a pure and just cause to help those people who can not defend themselves.

That this is now being done in Europe itselve is because we where inadequate to take the right actions , at the right place , at the right time against the right persons.


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