The art of becoming older.

Becoming older as an art. Or is it more a matter of common sense. Worse even just luck.

If you look back in history from a current perspective it all looks logical. Better hygiene , healthy sufficient nutrition and the development of medication. It makes that the life expectation of people is becoming much higher. Child death rate is strongly being reduced. There is more and diverse medication becoming available. Doctors are gaining more knowledge. Hospitals are becoming more and more easier to reach. People themselves are becoming more and more aware about a good and healthy lifestyle.

The wheels in the clock to become older look like to become smoother. But there are grains of sand who can crawl in time into the clockwork. The wear and tear of the body can sometimes become beyond repair. Medication can not always cure but mostly take away the pain. Or stabilize the illness somewhat. But sometimes also not. New medication , appliances and techniques are being developed. However it also looks like  that with the growth of the world population also the illnesses and their kind are growing. Illnesses for which its harder and harder to develop medication.

Everybody has its own clockwork and you never know how the condition of the wheels are. Maybe you are lucky. But perhaps bad luck is own your way. It can happen any moment. With a little luck your bad luck can be fixed. It is always the question when and for how long you can enjoy form a healthy and fit body and mind.

If for example an organ is saying: sorry I can not do this anymore. You have bad luck. But maybe we did arrange it in a good way and a transplantation is possible. We can bring back luck and happiness some times. But you are depending on factors and their is no real certainty.

Society , particularly the economic one , is taking no risks. They are gladly offering you work. Specially in the blossom of your life. You can put all your time and energy in it. Show what you can do! But it has to give a profit. Than you will be encouraged. Better and faster than the other? Yes , please. The compliment is on its way. Maybe more salary as well. But there is not much time and space to calm down and for reflection. For the question: What do I really establish? That is one for later. Meanwhile the pressure can go to a high level. Stress can become you best friend easily. The relation with stress is a slowly steeling one. It also often displaces almost unnoticeable your other friend health. Which relationship do you prefer??

Important is that what is important in life. Specially in your life. That is something you have to figure out by yourself. Something that only you should think about. Preferably as early as possible. They should not tell you. You need to experience it. Feel it. If you have found what you love than you have made a huge and important step. Doing what you love will make you free. That art everyone should achieve before it is to late. To late to do it. Having regrets of what you have done. Buddha was right when he said: The problem is that you think you have time. There is no time. Only here and now. What you think and what you do. From that you have to make the best and nothing else.

And the medical world is meanwhile focusing to keep people as long as possible and as good as possible alive. That is a good ambition but what do we do with it. What are the possibilities. Are those possibilities available for everyone. How does life look like after the medication. May people in the western world stay alive because of expensive medication while at the same time in other parts of the world people live in poverty and die from hunger. Is it not better to make the world better step by step. First take away the hunger , next solve poverty and then look how we make life as healthy as possible. It are all ethical questions that we need to give a certain value.

Let’s than also try to give death an ethical value. Is he really an enemy? Or a friend. He makes you think about what you are doing. An eternal life would also create a continuous repetition of steps. The nicest things in life loose their charme. The once in a lifetime will get a total other dimensions.

Enjoying life is the art. Getting older and older is not really a necessity for that. Health yes. But eternal life is not needed from my perspective.


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