The magnetic attraction of prosperity, and how to reverse the flow of migration.

A pretentious title. I am aware of that. The western world is for most people in the world the place to be with regards to prosperity. A place to whom they are drawn to in order to experience a good human existence.

Question should than be: Is this really the case? Whats is the prosperity there. Mostly it is an economic prosperity. So money. Better facilities. It looks like that.

But it is not directly available for a refugee. You have to comply to rules. You can go into illegality. Work in anyway you can find and send money home. It is a way to find improvement in life. But in illegality you are in most cases close or in the crime scene as well. Not something I would call real prosperity.

Prosperity also means that have you no or almost no real worries. That you can be in the neighborhood of your family. Being there where your social ties started and grew. Having the possibility to build a reasonable existence. Doing things you like and in which you can help others also. Giving respect and getting recognition. That is the kind of prosperity we should be seeking.

Not the prosperity of a big house , a car , another car , a vacation , another vacation. Materials things will never be enough to fill the greedy caterpillar. There will not become a beautiful butterfly from that but a never satisfied and consuming dragon.

That this dragon is working on eating our world is a different story. I would like to talk about that beautiful butterfly. Can we bring that beautiful butterfly into the light? And while we are doing that halting the flow of migration and maybe turn that around?

I think it is possible. There is already a huge gap between rich and poor. A way to diminish that gap is a Basic Income. You share some of the wealth and pull up the poor to a higher level. They are than able to develop themselves in a human way in the place and country where they where born and grew up. Starting initiatives and or companies that will be an added value to that region. Creating prosperity in an own and just way. In consideration with their own culture.

The local government needs to make just and good regulations. Local companies should get more space than the multinational. You should be thinking on an other way of taking taxes. The use of patentrights should be different. Making products should be according open-source. Trade agreements should be fair and more free. There should be implemented a real fair trade , fair profit and fair use system.

If that has been taken care of you can provide the basic income. This should be done by the budget holder.  So in The Netherlands it should be the government in the Hague. Not the provences. Not the parishes. It could be moving to Europe. Or even de UN and than probably the IMF.

My idea would be to deploy it to the IMF controlled by the UN for this. If we are doing this we could create a bottom up approach. Rank the countries form poor to rich. Start with the poorest country or countries. In affordability also the best approach. For how it works also. Possible improvement can be taken into account in proceeding to the next countries. In this way people can find their happiness in their own country. Without antics in having to flee and making illegitimate money  and sending it home. Prostitution in the broadest sense so to speak.

Most people do not see any other way to survive. Therefore we can not even blame them. We condemn them as searchers for luck and criminals. But we are creating this world in full awareness. Then we look at each other , avoid each other and let it happen. As long as we are doing fine nothing else matters.

At the moment we create and make barriers and borders in order to shield our not shared prosperity. There will be more than a whole lot of people there shortly which you can not really stop. It will escalate into violence. We should let go of the egoism in the neo-liberal and western worlds mindset.

But if we think in reverse and create a social and humane magnetic force as an opposite. Giving the poorest countries and than the less poor a basic income we would create it. Which way will we go as humanity than.

Take a while to think about this. It will not be easy but there are many good advantages coming out of this. A world on which Thomas Moore would have been jealous.

Its time for the move to a better world.

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