Political self control.

Self control by politicians. They claim to do it. In the Dutch first chamber there are members who have double hats as they call it.

They have plenty of time because strangely enough these high responsible jobs can be done parttime.  In order to have a reasonable income you apparently have to do something extra. Reasonable in their opinion. Mostly it is working on a high level in boards of companies and that kind of stuff. Against a nice salary. These companies have also interests of course.

Its likely that there can occur a conflict of interests. The political role versus the director or manager role. A Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde problem so to say. Wise people would say: you have an entanglement of interests. You are not allowed to vote on this matter. We even prohibit it by law.

But apparantly there are no wise people. They have made some rules but not law for themselves and that gives them excuses. Excuses so in some cases they vote on their own doings. Or the doings of companies they are involved in and or responsible for.

Honesty , fairness , ethics and self reflection is not really in their dictionary.

Democracy is on the line here I would say. There are some changes needed here that will restore the faith of people in their government.

I have a few suggestions.

First would be. Running a government should be done professionally and than parttime is not the best option.

Second one. Two hats are a no way option. Ever!

Third. Change the politicians in the dutch first chamber. They are doing it because they are favoured by the political parties. I would make it like the american trial by jury system. Per period of a year or half a year I suggest to pull up citizins by lottery and let them decide per law. Of course they will get the appropiate information from objective specialists in order to form a good judgement. In this way lobbies from multinationals are not possible. The kartel of the political parties in the second chamber is more or less broken as well. Bad law will just come back and needs to be changed or not accepted. Maybe we can even “delete” the so called Raad van State. Appointed and chaired by the King or Queen.

Fourth. There needs to be a sign on the contract so to say. So a referendum for which everybody is obliged to vote with a majority of the votes.

Without structural changes real democracy will be lost behind the horizon.

It is time to make things right.


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